Friday, March 9, 2012

Amazing films on Owls and under the Sea

Assume Others Will Like You

I have met people who are totally free from self-consciousness. They tell me that they always assume that others will like them and think positively of them. As one person told me, "I decided to be the opposite of someone who is paranoid. A person who is paranoid always thinks that others are against him. Unless I have reason to believe otherwise, I always think that others will like me.

 Of course, I am careful to protect myself and don't do anything stupid. But assuming that others will like me has worked wonders for me throughout my life."

Love Yehuda

Here is great video from pictures around the world

Now for something different

This photography is amazing .....

It is a beautiful slow motion film of an owl landing directly at the camera.

The curvature on the wing is amazing, the last few seconds impressive.

Owl coming right at the camera

The last two or three seconds are amazing, watching the feathers ruffle and the wings swell.

Interesting to watch the corrections in the flight path as the bird comes in.

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A superb HD video under the sea as if you were part of the team shooting.


Take time to watch this marvel!



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