Monday, March 19, 2012

comedy clips, CHEAP FLIGHTS, Buddy Hacket, and the boat of your life the Maltese Falcon Yacht a little late for St Paddy's day

Self-Mastery Builds Your Self-Image

Every time you have self-mastery in any way, you build up your self-image. "I am a person who is gaining more and more control over my emotions and actions all the time." Every time you have the emotional self-control to do something that you find difficult to do, you build up your self-image. Every time you refrain from saying or doing something, you build up your self-image.

Some people keep self-mastery journals. Writing down their successes and victories in exhibiting self-control improves their ability to exhibit a greater amount of self-mastery.

Love Yehuda

A Beautiful Yacht

MalteseFalconyacht1.pps MalteseFalconyacht1.pps
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Little Irish Tune..... note - there is a pause between the verses - keep listening........


It's obvious this group spared no expense for the musical accompaniment.

Only the Irish could pull off the F word so well. Just a joke, but don't listen if easily offended



His jokes never seem to age. Enjoy. Also a little risque (not by today's standards), but this was the cleanest Buddy Hacket every was.

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