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WORLD'S RAREST CAR and people and animals

Stand Before The Creator

When you pray or do a mitzvah, you are standing in the presence of the Creator. This awareness is known as "fearing the Almighty."

The next time you pray or do a good deed, feel yourself standing before the Creator and actually speaking to Him. Feel the love of the Creator permeating your entire consciousness!

Love Yehuda

The biblical holiday of Shavout and Memorial day has come and gone. We had a beautiful time with my spiritual teacher from Israel, Efriam Sprecher. If any one would like to know more about supporting his work in Jerusalem in teaching the bible to all who come, please contact me.

People and Animals.
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This is the car that in 1954 could have "killed" the Corvette.
So, Chevrolet, being GM's big sales and profit division, campaigned to GM to "kill" this car.
When Chevy was coming out with its 6-cyl. sports car with its
2-speed "powerglide" transmission and side curtains,
here was a sports car from Olds with a big old V-8 and
power windows.

So, GM said "no" to Oldsmobile on building this car.
The world's rarest automobile: a 1954 Concept Old's Rocket
F88 - the only one in existence. (read the story below)
John S. Hendricks, (Discovery Communications founder) paid
in excess of 3 million to acquire this 1954 Oldsmobile F-88
Convertible Concept Car ..

After spending decades as a collection of parts stuffed into
wooden crates, the F-88 was reassembled.
In 1954, the F-88 was a Motorama Dream Car, and was one
of only two, or an unconfirmed possible three, ever created.
The F-88 seen here is literally the only car left of its kind,
and was sold to John and Maureen Hendricks at the
prestigious Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale ,
Arizona , for an unbelievable $3,240,000.
This acquisition made automotive history, and is the
cornerstone of the Gateway Colorado Automobile
Museum, in its own special room in a rotating display,
worthy of the F-88!





















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