Monday, June 4, 2012

House Tour, the Queen's 60th and people and make you feel good about yourself

People Who Make You Feel Good About Yourself

There are people who consistently make others feel good about themselves. When you are in the presence of someone who has a "good eye" and a "good heart," you see yourself in a more positive light. Such a person treats you with respect and makes it easier for you to increase your own level of self-respect. Such a person says and does things that bring out the best in you.

Remember how you felt about yourself after encounters with such people. Let those experiences build your self-image. Don't just look at it as, "I felt really good about myself when I spoke to this person." Rather, view these encounters as life-enhancing experiences that permanently build your self-image. Even many years later, you can allow these encounters to raise your view of yourself.

Love Yehuda

Don ' t Miss the Car at the End!!!


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When it penetrated my brain how long she's been around, it gives new meaning to the phrase

"Long Live the Queen"
How old does this one make you feel?

As she celebrates her 60th anniversary as queen this week











I don't know about you, but I went into shock somewhere

between Eisenhower and Truman.  

( P.S. After looking at this I am shocked at how long
I've been around, too...)

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