Wednesday, March 13, 2013

KOALAS during the fires in Australia and Abracadarba

D  id you know that abracadabra comes from an ancient Aramaic expression, "I speak as I create?"  And Aramaic comes from the original Hebrew bible.

What this tells us is that speech is a lot closer to spirituality than any physical action. It's speech that separates man from the animals. The human voice is the 99% spiritual reality. The words we speak, the 1% physical reality.

What we say manifests what's up there, down here.

However, there are two 99% realities.

Let me repeat, because this is not spoken of enough, there are two 99% realities: The Tree of Life (the pure system) and The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (the impure system.) When we say negative words we connect to the impure realm and bring darkness into this world. When we say positive words, we bring Light into this world.

Everything hinges on speech.

From a kabbalistic perspective, the looming swine flu crisis — and all chaos — is the result of the negative words we send out into the ether every day of our lives.

That's why kabbalists say words can kill. When someone commits physical violence against another, they may draw blood and hurt their physical body. But when we insult someone and make blood rush to their face, we also spill blood ... on the soul level.

However, we live in a reverse reality, where up is down and down is up. We attach more importance to the physical than the spiritual. We don't value the soul and therefore we don't care about the words we speak.

I should mention at this point that this is easy to explain, but difficult to grasp and put into action. To realize that words and thoughts have more power than a physical action? Very hard to handle.

However, our choice is to continue attaching importance to the physical — and reaping all the suffering, pain and disease that comes with it — or attaching importance to the spiritual and becoming mindful of the words we speak — and taking this world back to the true reality where there is no darkness.

This week, put some love into the words you speak. Really make an effort to put someone else's interests ahead of your own. Be super-mindful of your thoughts and words towards others. Spiritually, this is the way out of the mess. And not just the current one we find ourselves in, but any future catastrophes headed our way.

Instead of playing catch-up, let's get ahead of the ball for a change.

All the best,

Love Yehuda Lave

 KOALAS during the fires in Australia

a very informative  article
Koala's  during Fire week, southeastern Australia  .
       Wild  animals are begging water from passing cars b/c  there is seriously no water in the affected  areas.

These  are wild koalas, not some wildlife park  semi-tame animals.


The  most amazing thing is ~ Koala's do not drink  water ~ usually!
They  get all their moisture from the Eucalyptus  leaves they  eat....


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