Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pictures: one second before ...and you spot it, you got it Passover contemplation

You Will Notice What You Look For

Make it important to be grateful. Then you will notice more and more things that others do for you. You might wonder why it is that more people are doing more things for you. In reality, it could be the same amount as before. Just that now you notice it.

Now you will notice smiles that make you feel better. And you will be grateful for those smiles. You will notice when people offer you food to eat or something to drink. You will notice information that people share with you because they feel you will benefit. You will notice minor acts of kindness that would not otherwise have registered on your mind's screen of consciousness.
Love Rabbi Yehuda Lave
To contemplate on the last two days of Passover on Monday and Tuesday.....Man's inhumanity to man... alongside the ability to transcend.....

where do you/we stand ?......

Pictures: one second before ...


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