Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PARIS FROM THE EIFFEL Tower and Faith through challenges

All Experiences can be Elevating

The biblical  attitude toward life is that we should utilize every experience as a tool for elevation. Even when someone acts toward us in a condescending manner, we can view the situation in a positive manner and grow from the experience.
Accepting that you create your emotional pain gives you the motivation to overcome it by changing your attitude toward your situation.
Now I didn't say that this is easy or that you should relish difficult situations.
All that we are to learn is that when faced with lemons, make lemonade. Even as a child we learned of the challenge faced by one of the most famous rabbis of period of 2000 years ago, when Rome had an earlier holocaust in Israel, Rabbi Akiva. When faced with being burned at the stake for the crime of teaching the bible, he faced the challenge with faith.

As he was dying he thanked G-d for the opportunity to test him. The most well known martyr, Rabbi Akiva, who was raked over his skin with iron combs. Despite the pain consuming him, he was still able to proclaim God's providence in the world by reciting the Shema, drawing out the final Echad - "One". as he died.
These are the true stories taught to children of our faith, to give the faith to face life challenges. As I face today's challenges, I draw upon the faith of my forefathers to give me strength and love.

Love Yehuda Lave

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>> This  is 'Faith' >>

This dog was born  in the year 2002.  He was born with 3 legs - 2 healthy hind legs and 1 abnormal front leg, which needed to be amputated.  He, of course, could not walk when he was born.  Even his mother did not want him.

His first owner also did not think that he could   survive and was thinking of "putting him to sleep".  By this time, his present owner, Jude Stringfellow, met him and wanted to take care of him.

She was determined to teach and train this dog, to walk by himself.
Therefore ... she named him 'Faith'.

In the beginning, she put Faith on a surfing board, to let him feel the movements.  Later, she used peanut butter on a spoon, as a lure and reward, for him to stand up and jump around.  Even the other dog at home, also helped to encourage Faith to walk.
Amazingly, only after 6 months, like a miracle, Faith learned to balance on his 2 hind legs and jumped, to move forward.  After further training, in the snow, he now can walk upright, like a human being.

Faith loves to walk around now.  No matter where he goes, he just attracts all the people around him and brings out the 'best'  in them.  

He is currently becoming famous on the International Scene, appearing in various newspapers and on TV shows.

There's a book entitled, "With A Little Faith",  being published about him and he was even considered to appear in one of the "Harry Potter" movies.

Presently, her owner and trainer, Jude Stringfellow, has given up her teaching post and plans to take 'Faith' around the world, in an inspiring effort, to spread the message that:  'Even without a perfect body, one can have a perfect soul'.

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In life, there are always undesirable things.  Perhaps, we will feel better about those things, if we change our point of view to another direction.

I hope this message will bring fresh, new ways of thinking, to everyone; and that everyone can appreciate, and be thankful for, each beautiful day that follows. 

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