Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Now this is a story with a happy beginning, the state of Israel--we write the ending

Shyness And Approval-Seeking

Shyness, which might seem like the opposite of approval-seeking, is really based on the need for approval. A shy person is afraid others will disapprove or look down at him if he speaks up.
If your goal is to seek wisdom or to correct a wrong-doing, you have no need to be shy. By overcoming your need for approval, you will overcome your shyness. Ask yourself, "Do I have a right to speak up now? What exactly am I afraid of, and would that really be so awful?"

Love Yehuda Lave

Here is a common sense explanation of the issue of whether we should let our brothers carry the burden without our doing our share...Moses says it the first time it was tried in the Bible in the book of Bamidmar chapter 32, verse 6:

How is this not a systematic contravention of Moshe Rabbeinu's declaration, "Shall your brothers go to war, and you remain here?!" How is this not an expression of sheer selfishness and ingratitude? How is this not a chillul Hashem? Once you define the event and its message with accuracy, the answer is clear.

I think you will enjoy this piece by Rabbi Sachs in a discussion with Prof Oz-Salinger  where he defends the Jewish way of debate. 42.5 minutes into the tape is especially powerful by Rabbi Sachs


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Here is a video of the dramatic events that took place in November, 1947 regarding the formation of the state of Israel. It presents interesting facts that I never knew about what went on behind the scenes.....

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