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Is the temple mount in our hands?

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Increase Gratefulness in Others

Help spread gratitude in the world. If you know that someone has done something that was beneficial to another person, let the recipient of the benefit know about it. Point out to him that he should be grateful to his benefactor.

In situations when the benefactor did not purposely want to keep the matter a secret, by telling the one who benefited from the kindness that he has what to be grateful for, you are spreading positive feelings and goodwill among the Creator's children.

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Even after 49 years it appears the Temple Mount isn't in our hands. By: Jewish Press News Briefs Published: June 5th, 2016

Young man being arrested for saying "Amen" on the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day (2016).
Photo Credit: Social Media

Nearly half a century after the Temple Mount was declared by IDF General Mota Gur to be in our hands, the Israeli police continue to disprove that statement.

During a visit to the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day, a young Jewish man responded to well-wishes from Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, and answered "Amen" — at which point he was arrested by the Israeli police.

The young man was released a short time after, but the police have forbidden him to visit the Temple Mount again, and he must also appear before a hearing to commit to not breaking the rules against free speech and Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.

Rabbi Ariel, who greeted the young man, is the head of the Temple Mount Institute and a paratrooper who fought to liberate Jerusalem during the 6 Day War.

It appears Rabbi Ariel still has more fighting to do to liberate Jerusalem and the Temple Moun

World War Two photos that switch to modern times

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