Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Sorek Stream and Shumel the Profits Tomb

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Renew Your Mood

Events by themselves cannot make you sad. It is your attitude toward those events that make you sad.

To overcome feelings of sadness, become aware of the message your negative thoughts are communicating -- about yourself, about the event, or about life in general. The next step is to change these negative thoughts to more positive ones.

Repeat positive statements to yourself. Your mood will change.

Love Yehuda Lave

Sorek Stream and Shmuel the Profits Tomb

Moss Mimic Stick Insect, Trychopeplus sp.

Magnificent Treee houses

Classic Bugs Bunny

Any anti-Israel activist who seeks to cause disruption today should listen to the words of Israeli diplomat Abba Eban. In this video from 1959, Eban explains that the Arab world – not Israel – was responsible for the Palestinian refugee problem. Moreover, he stresses the ability of the Arab world to end the plight of these refugees. Sadly, more than 50 years later, Palestinian refugees – and their numerous descendants – are still cynically used as a pawn in the fight against the State of Israel.

May 18th marks the passing in 1990 of the wonderful entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy was once gifted a mezuzah by a Jewish friend and he wore it around his neck for good luck. The one time he forgot it, he got into a car accident that almost killed him. Soon after, Sammy started studying Judaism and converted in 1961. Watch below his soulful rendition of "I've Gotta Be Me" for a glimpse of what we lost. May his memory be a blessing!


The Rebbe to Miss Israel: Beauty is more than skin deep. "False is grace, and vain is beauty; a G-d-fearing woman, she should be praised." - Proverbs


Lighthouses in storms