Monday, June 6, 2016

the 49th anniversary of the return of the Kotel and the old city on the 43rd Day of the Omer

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Enjoyable Times

Peace is a prerequisite for enjoying celebrations, festivals and vacations. The more special the occasion, the greater the damage caused by lack of peace.

During enjoyable times, you will have to answer the following question for yourself, "Is it worthwhile to choose words and actions that will create distress right now?" Put in this form, we will often see clearly that we would be wise to refrain from words and actions that will cause or prolong an unpleasant argument or quarrel.

The first two pictures below were taken in front of my apartment on Betzelal Street. The street was closed with thousands of young people (many of them dressed modestly) supporting the state of Israel. What a contrast we have in Israel. Yesterday the city of Tel Aviv was full of the "gay Parade". Today we truly had a gay parade with the best and brightest of the Jewish people.

Love Yehuda Lave

The Greeting Of Peace

The Hebrew word for peace is "shalom." And this is the way that we greet people. We greet people with "shalom," when we encounter them. And we bless people with "shalom," when we say goodbye. And the traditional greeting when seeing someone for the first time or when seeing someone you haven't seen in a long time is, "Shalom Aleichem," which means "peace unto you."

The word shalom means both peace and harmony. And it is the same word as sholaim, which means wholeness. When there is an atmosphere of harmony, we feel whole and complete. And when a person feels whole, he is more likely to be at peace with himself and with others.

We bless people with peace. They should have inner peace and peace with others. When you have harmony, you function at your best. When two people work in harmony, they bring out the best in each other. And when there is harmony in an organization or a community, everyone brings out the best in each other. And we are all very different at our best than we are at our worst.

Flag Parade celebration at the Kotel on Yom Yerushalim day

After 2000 years that Jerusalem was finally liberated and united, Living and celebrating that we are living in a time of revealed nissim (miracles) that this is Hashem''s capital and eternal city.

May we immediately merit the day when the Beit HaMikdash (The Temple) which resides in Yerushalayim shel L'Maala (Jerusalem in the upper spiritual world) come down and join us in its rightful place in Yetushalayim shel L'mata (Jerusalem in our lower physical world)

Hashem... We are waiting

On the day we reclaimed the Temple mount -30 Jews get to visit

Police allowing 30 jews to enter Temple Mount at a time in honor of Jerusalem Day.

100s waiting outside the gate

We need Yehuda Glick now to help make this change

Flag day parade on Jaffe Street


IDF film on the taking of the Kotel in 1967

avraham fried - Yerushalayim Shel Zahav.avi

Avraham fried - shabat kodesh

Now time for a little fun

Bollywood Film scene that has to be seen to be believed

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