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Rabbi Yehuda Glick on "Who May Ascend the Temple Mount?"

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

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Rabbi Yehuda Glick on "Who May Ascend the Temple Mount?


Tel Aviv Terror Attack Shatters Five Myths 5 wrongs do not make a right.

he June 8 terrorist massacre in Tel Aviv exposed all five of the major myths that cloud discussions of Israel and the Palestinians.

Myth #1: "The problem is the settlements"

This was not a massacre of "settlers." The attack did not take place in some disputed territory. Nobody can claim that the victims "provoked" the violence by living in some predominantly Arab area. These were people drinking coffee in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Myth #2: "It was a reaction to the occupation"

The attackers are residents of the village of Yatta. The Israeli occupation of Yatta ended when Israeli troops withdrew from the territories where 98 percent of the Palestinians reside in late 1995. Yatta has been under the rule of the Palestinian Authority for nearly 21 years.

Although Israel's critics continue to falsely claim that the Palestinians live under "Israeli occupation," the Israeli public knows better. The Israel Democracy Institute/Tel Aviv University monthly Peace Index survey for May 2016 found 71.7 percent of Israeli Jews say it is wrong to categorize Israel's status in the territories (it rules the areas where Jews reside) as "occupation."

Myth #3: "The Palestinian Authority condemned the attack"

The Palestinian Authority (PA) never calls such attacks "terrorism," and always brackets the attacks on Israelis together with Israeli actions against terrorists, thereby justifying the attacks on Israelis. Its response to the Tel Aviv massacre was no different. It declared: "We condemn violence and attacks against civilians on both sides, whatever the justification." The PA "not only condemned the attack in south Tel Aviv early on Monday morning, but also the recent Israel Defense Forces strikes on Gaza, and attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank and in Jerusalem," according to Israel's Channel 10 television network.

Fatah, which is chaired by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, explicitly defended the massacre. According to the Palestinian news agency Ma'an, Fatah issued a statement calling the attack "a natural response" to Israeli actions.

Fatah media committee head Munir al-Jaghoub explained, "Israel must realize the consequences of its persistence to push violence, house demolition policies, forced displacement of Palestinians, raids by Israeli settlers to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, and the cold-blooded killing of Palestinians at checkpoints."

That's the equivalent of the Democratic Party defending the San Bernardino massacre of 2015. Imagine U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla.), head of the Democratic National Committee, saying the killings in southern California were the "consequences" of President Barack Obama sending drones to carry out the "cold-blooded killing" of al-Qaeda members.

Myth #4: "Ordinary Palestinians are against terrorism"

Israel Hayom reports that, "In Ramallah, Tulkarm, Qalqilya, Jenin, and other cities, people danced in the streets, set off fireworks, and handed out treats while praising the attacks." When the PA's schools, newspapers, television stations constantly praise terrorists as "heroes" and "martyrs," it is no wonder ordinary Palestinians have come to feel the same way.

The cities where the celebrations took place would be the heart of a future Palestinian state. They are just a few miles down the road from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Can those who celebrate massacres be trusted with a sovereign, independent state next door to Israel?

Myth #5: "The major American news outlets are staffed by objective, professionally trained journalists; if their coverage of Israel is unflattering, that's because of Israel's own policies, not because of media bias"

CNN's Twitter announcement of the attack put the word "terrorists" in quotation marks, stating, "Two 'terrorists' captured after Tel Aviv attack, Israeli police spokesman tweets." The Washington Post's correspondents in Israel, William Booth and Ruth Eglash, exhibited the same bias. They described the terrorists as "gunmen," "assailants," and "attackers"—but never as terrorists, and only indirectly as Palestinians. And the headline-writers at Washington Post headquarters came up with this gem: "4 Killed in Tel Aviv Market Shooting that Officials Labeled Terrorist Attack."

Perhaps copies of the Washington Post should bear labels of their own: "Warning: The reporting in this newspaper may be hazardous to the truth. It is often slanted for the purpose of protecting the Palestinian cause against criticism."

Stephen M. Flatow

About the Author: Stephen M. Flatow, an attorney in New Jersey, is the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995.

3 Released from Hospital Following Attack Against Egged Bus

A bus that was stoned near the Rockefeller Center on June 12, 2016
Photo Credit: United Hatzalah

Three people treated for injuries resulting from Arab stone throwing on Sunday night have been released from the Hadassah Har Tzofim hospital.

Passengers on the Egged bus were injured when Arabs attacked the bus as it drove past the Rockefeller center, opposite the Old City of Jerusalem, on its way to the Kotel, according to United Hatzalah.

Front, back and and some side windows on the bus were broken and shattered.

A young man and woman were treated with head wounds, and a 60-year-old woman was treated for chest pains. They were taken to the hospital

The paramedics also calmed down the children and elderly on the bus, until the bus was able to continue on its way to the Kotel.

During the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, Muslims tend to increase their terror attacks against everyone else.


Occupation by Shalom Pollack

The mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, has blamed Israel's occupation of the 'Palestinian territories' for an attack on a cafe in his city that left four Israelis dead.

Should the mayor be sent to a psychologist's couch or to court on charges of incitement and treason?

One might expect that the "New Middle East" serum concocted by the high priest of national self delusion, Shimon Peres had long expired its shelf life. Experimental potions based on dangerous cliches such as "land for peace," "sacrifices for peace ( a euphemism for 'terror victims')", moderate peace partner, "two state solution," " Peace now," "one makes peace with one's enemies" have run their course and done their damage

The Tel Aviv mayor seems to be among the dwindling number of Israelis who have not yet woken up from their tranquilized stupor and still cling to the "Oslo addiction." Most Israelis are indeed waking up after being administrated the ultimate antidote – reality- like the latest terror attack.

The mayor's comments were not greeted with the same glassy eye acceptance as they would have in the post Oslo period of mass hypnotism. He and his electorate in Tel Aviv must know that their hopes for leadership in this country are gone. Their hopeful vision of Israel looks like San Francisco on the Mediterranean. That would probably include safe haven for illegals who have committed crimes. Mr. Mayor is proud of his city's title as the international gay capital of the world. They want a genuine Jewish state.What can be more Jewish then that?

It is a package. In Sodom there were judges and laws and "progressive" ideology too. How coincidental that some of Sodom 's values and those of Mr. Huldai sound so similar.

The Torah does not agree with the idea that Jews are "occupying any part of the Promised Land.
The Torah would never lend a sympathetic ear and tongue to the killers of Jews.
The Torah also would not support raising the flag of what it refers to as an abomination," as a defining moral and social value of the "Jewish state".

I could not help but ponder the stark contrast last week of the annual Jerusalem Day parade.

I was there, in the midst of tens of thousands of Israeli teens waving the nations flag with joy and pride.
At the Western wall the entire tightly packed plaza rang out in unison, "Shema Yisroel." "The Lord is God!"
If you have only one day of the year to be in Jerusalem, do come on Jerusalem day. You will know at that moment that there is indeed a healthy future for this country.

There will be more Arab attacks on Jews, in Tel Aviv and other "occupied" parts of our country. There will be more "sacrifices for peace."
There will be more incorrigible Oslo addicts, blabbering about the occupation – to, mercifully, a decreasing audience.

The process is slow and painful but if you look at a graph spanning our modern history, it reads like a long term stock performance graph: Lots of zig and zags, with some dramatic jumps and steep drops – but a great long term investment. In fact it was the most undervalued stock when it hit the big board but now it's appropriately recognized as the miracle country that defies all conventional wisdom.

It seems to me that our current "nationalist" leadership does not get it yet either.

Always looking over their shoulders in fear of their image"abroad" and in the opinion pages of the "important" circles, they fear any accusation of being "intransigent."
This of course means "keeping the door open" to a "peace settlement." blah, blah, blah…
We know what that code word means and where it has gotten us until today. Our current leaders can explain the dangers wonderfully, but can not jump off the out of control train. The seats are too comfortable.

The average Israeli has disdain for the Ron Huldais of Israel. His language is open, honest and–revolting to most Israelis.

I am convinced that the future leadership of Israel will come from the beautiful youth I was swept up by on Jerusalem Day.

And it will come – soon.

Shalom Pollack

About the Author: Shalom Pollack is a writer and tour guide in Israel. www.shalompollacktours.com

We are approaching the 50th anniversary of Agnon's receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature

I read about Jay Sacks work with Sy Agron in the Post (see this article

This should an interesting evening

We are approaching the 50th anniversary of Agnon's receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature (He also is an Israel Prize Laureate.)  Rabbi Jeffrey Saksof WebYeshiva, is a leading exponent of the writings of Agnon. He has edited and translated some of Agnon's works and his lectures on Agnon are enjoyed by audiences all over the world.


Rabbi Saks will be speaking in English on Agnon on Wednesday June 22 at 8:15 PM in Blondheim Hall.

This is a special opportunity to learn more about the only Hebrew writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature and everyone is invited to attend



Knesset to lift ban on MKs visiting the Temple Mount After 8 months during which no Muslim or Jewish MK has set foot at the Temple Mount, a new outline agreement has been reached by the Knesset, according to which Muslim MKs will be allowed to visit the holy site on the last week of Ramadan and Jewish MKs on the week after.

  MKs' visits to the Temple Mount to be renewed |

For eight month, no member of Knesset, whether Muslim or Jewish, has set foot at the Temple Mount, after a sweeping ban was imposed on visiting the holy site in an attempt to lower the flames at the start of the last terror wave. But this situation is soon expected to change, as the Knesset's Ethics Committee is planned to convene in order to lift the ban after a new outline agreement was formulated that will allow both Jewish and Arab MKs to return to the Temple Mount after Ramadan.

 In recent weeks, Muslim MKs approached Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and threatened that they would visit the Temple Mount during Ramadan whether the ban was lifted or not. The logic behind their argument, which is also shared by the Jewish MKs who seek to visit the holy site, is that it is problematic that MKs be discriminated against compared to normal citizens, while the situation should, if anything, be opposite due to the substantive immunity that MKs enjoy.

As a result of the Muslim MKs' appeal, a special agreement was formulated, according to which the Arab MKs will be allowed to visit and pray at the Temple Mount during the last week of Ramadan - given that the security situation permits it. After Ramadan, the Jewish MKs who wish to visit the holy site will also be allowed to do so. Apparently, Edelstein has already brought the agreement to the attention of the Jerusalem District Police Commander in a meeting that was held last week.