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A midnight trip to Joseph's Tomb on Oct 31, and When Tom Petty visited Israel and pictures of full size model of Noah's ark for this weeks parsha

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Don't Spread The Insult

Some people become so upset when they are insulted, that they repeat the incident to others who would otherwise not know about it! By giving the matter additional attention, you are causing yourself additional embarrassment! In other words, don't insult yourself!!

I just found out out about a Midnight trip to Joseph's tomb in Schem next Tuesday night, October 31,2017 leaving at 11:30 at night, meeting at the Binyanei Hauma . This is done becasue the army has to sneak the Jews into our own country in the dead of night on armoured buses to protect us from our peace partners. I am going, but you have to make a reservation. It cost 60 sheckels and the message to make the reservation is in Hebrew and you have to give your identification. Anyone wanting to go should call the following number and see if you can make a reservation. Let me know if you are succsessful. The phone number is 02-9999700. It is no little irony that we have to sneak into our country on the secular holiday of Halloween.

Love Yehuda Lave

When Spirituality And Money Meet The Result Is A Larger Than Life Noah's Ark

The pictures and the article are too long for me to share here, but read the article and see the pictures on this link:

Tell me how you like it, He spent more that 1.6 million on it:


Tom Petty, Roger McGuinn, and Avraham Rosenblum

In 1986, Tom Petty, Ben Tench (of The Heartbreakers), and Roger McGuinn (The Byrds), on tour with Bob Dylan, met up with Israeli-American musician Avraham Rosenblum, leader of the band "Diaspora," in Jerusalem. The segment was part of "Rock Israel," from MTV's Musical Passport series, which followed Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers through some sightseeing in Egypt and 2 shows in Israel

Tom Petty in Israel / Diaspera Yeshiva band

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in 1987 on tour in Israel. They met up with some of the local musicians and this is what happened.

Tom Petty, whose hits such as "American Girl," "Free Falling" and "I Won't Back Down" made him one of the biggest rock stars of all time, passed away Monday at 66.

In the course of his decades of touring the world, Petty was bound to end up playing in Israel — and he did for the first time in September 1987, at the start of his "Temple in Flames" tour. Earlier that year he had released "Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)," his seventh album with his band, the Heartbreakers.

In a show called "Rock Israel," MTV chronicled part of Petty's trip to the Holy Land, which the rocker described as a whirlwind. In a clip available on YouTube, Petty meets with Avraham Rosenblum, leader of a Hasidic band called the Diaspora Yeshiva Band that blended rock and bluegrass with religious lyrics.

"I'm not really familiar enough with the rules and regulations of the religion," Petty says. "I think anybody should be able to pick up an instrument and jump around."

Petty visited the Western Wall and met Rosenblum there.

"Are we in modest dress?" Petty asks as he descends into the holy site's plaza. "This is really amazing."

Rosenblum explains some of Jerusalem's geography and says some rabbis believe "the whole process of music" began in Israel.

"Ten years of Sunday school and this guy told me more in five minutes than I ever grasped from that," Petty says as he leaves the wall.

WATCH: Mass Aliyah To Har Habayit on Sukkot with Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel

This was the morning that I went up myself on my own without a group on 10/09/11.  The group was not all able to get in, but I spent several hours by myself and was able to pray without any one bothering me. Their group is




by Fabrice Schomberg

in the future

we think of the past


in the past

we think of the future


therefore in the present

we must think of the present

edited by Janet Cartlidge


copyright © 2017 Fabrice Schomberg

Honored Russian Jewish Pianist Michael Klein, 72, Dies On Stage By Hana Levi Julian - 18 Tishri 5778 – October 8, 2017

Famed Jewish pianist Michael Klein, 72, collapsed and died of heart failure on Oct. 3 while performing his own composition, a "jazz fantasy" with the Irkutsk Philharmonic Orchestra.

The concert was held in Klein's Siberian hometown of Irkutsk, near Russia's border with Mongolia, before hundreds who had come to hear him play.


The head of the city's department of culture, Vitaly Baryshnikov, told RIA Novosti, "I was sitting in the front row and seeing that Mikhail Leonidovich was ill, ran to him."

Two prominent doctors who were also in the audience that night both attempted to revive the celebrated pianist with cardiac massage, but the effort failed. "But the ambulance I called … came only after 40 minutes," Baryshnikov said. "They just pronounced him dead."

That is now under investigation, inasmuch as Klein was in good health, according to several Russian-language reports. A regional investigative committee has launched a preliminary probe into why "timely medical assistance" did not arrive.

Baryshnikov said in a Facebook post that he is convinced Klein would still be alive, had medical assistance arrived in time.

The Irkutsk regional Philharmonic society said in a statement on its website that Michael Klein's entire life was fanatically devoted to art. Klein graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory, and worked as a teacher in piano at the Irkutsk School of Arts. He was a pianist in the Symphony Orchestra of the Moscow State Theater of Variety Art, and a musical accompanist at the Lecture Hall of the Irkutsk Philharmonic Society. He also represented Russian musical art in foreign travel.

"Forty-five years he worked at the Philharmonic and literally till his last breath he served the music," the spokesperson said.

Isaac Mozeson on the language of Noah

Reading for day 3 of Noah week, GENESIS 7:16 in a clueless monk's chapter/verse, but 11B:26 in the Scroll's transition system.

Those that came [to the ark] of all creatures of flesh 1 were loyal mated pairs that followed the commands of the Lord as Law 2 ; and they were secured 3 on their behalf for the future.

- - -

1) The animals without mammalian "flesh," like reptiles, amphibians and all marine life, were able to survive the Deluge in certain regions. Not written in the text, but evident from vestigial leg bones in various sea mammals, several species of large, slow and distant animals had to be morphed into aquatic mammals, like whales, dolphins, walruses, seals, etc. so that they would survive.

2) These worthy animal couples were not influenced by the licentiousness of the humans; they also obeyed the Creator's command to allow confinement in the ark's קנים QeeNeeYM, kennels.

3) SeCuRe is from סגר SaGahR, to close, safely shut. Many humans also fear restrictions, of the many Torah laws for the tiny priestly tribe, or even of the seven Noahide Laws of basic morality. But these restrictions allow us to survive the flood of corrupt fads

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