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The unsolved mystery behind this 4,400-year-old pharaoh sculpture and some funny pictures

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The unsolved mystery behind this 4,400-year-old pharaoh sculpture

Albert Einstein museum with personal archives to open in Jerusalem Zev Stub

     Monday, 16 October 3:49 PM 

A museum and visitors center in memory of Albert Einstein will be constructed at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The Einstein House will also include the scientist's personal archives, which is safeguarded by the university. The museum will be built in the abandoned planetarium building on the Givat Ram campus. There is no timetable as yet for starting the project.

Hebrew is the language of the world

HEBREW IS THE BNAI NOAH'S LANGUAGE, not Abraham's or the Jews' language. 
Abram (the younger Abraham) was a speaker of Chaldean, but he rejected his native idolatry, and chose to worship the One True Creator. Abram was considered highly enough by the children of Noah (the spiritual elite) so that he was taught the sacred Language of Eden, the Pure Speech before the Tower of Babel. Shem, son of Noah, was quite old at the time, so it was Noah's grandson, עבר Ever, who did the teaching. So much was Edenic considered Ever's, that the language that Abram and his clan learned and perpetuated was called עברית, Ivrit (Hebrew).
Maybe you heard the midrash (homily) that עברית, Ivrit (Hebrew) means that the Jews were "on the other side" theologically, just as Abram had crossed over to the other side of the Euphrates. עבר [A]hVahR does mean "side" in Chaldean, but the language and culture of the Other Side would not be named [A]hVaRit. A מדרש/ homely is not to be confused with textual meaning, פשט P'shat.
After a few generations the descendants of Ever spoke the Semitic languages of their more numerous Semitic cousins. But the Edenic language taught by Ever to Abram miraculously survived Egyptian slavery and a two-thousand year Diasporah , and might yet survive Tel Aviv slang and assimilationist academics in charge of the Hebrew language. 
Much has been written about the miracle of Hebrew, but not a word how the sons of Noah made it possible. It is a privilege today if Jews can teach Bnai Noah Hebrew, and demonstrate that the native languages of Noahides anywhere on Earth are post Tower-of-Babel forms of that Edenic. 
This morning I got my first anticipated reward for Edenics posts at Noahide Nations. A Noahide from Bulgaria came forward to help our global Edenics team document the hidden Bulgarian in the Language of Creation and Revelation (the Hebrew Torah). It is hoped that more Noahides from more Nations step up to educate their countrymen. An English-speaker from North America who prefers discovering new links to giving video-lectures to English speakers might despair because there already are 50,000 English words traced to Biblical Hebrew. But he/she can always make those discoveries in the native language of the Native Americans of his/her hometown.
Zephania 3:9 suggests that Edenics project, the real Hebrew Roots Movement, will get us back to the Garden.

If it were not FILMED, no one would BELIEVE IT | Videos you will not believe

Arab MK Zoabi: Jews not entitled to self-determination. This is the garbage person we pay for being in our Kenesset

The Jewish people do not have the right to self-determination, though Palestinians do, Joint List MK Haneen Zoabi said in a speech in Dallas last week.

Zoabi said "the Jews are not a nationality, so we cannot talk about self-determination for the Jewish people."

However, she added, "the Israelis, they can have self-determination, but not as a Jewish State, within a secular democratic state."

On Saturday, Zoabi was the keynote speaker at a gala in Dallas for the Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development, an American pro-Palestinian organization.

Zoabi called for Palestinians to "define the matter of self-determination – not for the Jews, for the Israelis."

The Jerusalem Fund removed the video of Zoabi's speech from YouTube, but a 40-second clip is still available on the Channel 20 News website.

According to Channel 20's translation of the speech, Zoabi said it is "absurd" to think that Jewish and democratic can go together, and that Israel has racist laws, citing the Law of Return as an example, as well as not automatically allowing Palestinian spouses of Israeli Arabs from automatically becoming citizens.

According to one of the Basic Laws, anyone who denies Israel's existence as a Jewish and Democratic state, incites to racism or supports armed conflict against Israel by an enemy or terrorist organization is disqualified from running for the Knesset. Both Zoabi and the Balad party, of which she is a member and which is currently part of the Joint List, have been blocked by the Central Elections Committee on those grounds, however, the Supreme Court overturned the ban.

Zoabi was suspended from the Knesset for six months in 2014 for incitement, after she justified Hamas shooting rockets at Israel and the abduction of three Israeli teens by Palestinians.

What Scientists Just Found Deep In The Ocean Is Seriously Unbelievable. I'm Still In Shock

YES/NO by Fabrice Schomberg

 There was a person who wanted a yes or a no.


He got a maybe and received nothing.


 Now he wanted everything, so he said yes to no and no to yes, which is when he got a possible maybe and perhaps nothing,


 Now he wanted a nearly everything, so he said yes to yes and no to no, maybe to maybe and nothing to nothing.  Then he got a little bit less than nothing.


 Now he wanted more than nothing, so he said yes and no and no and yes, maybe to nothing and nothing to maybe, and he got something.


 Now he wanted more than something and said anything, which is when he got a


yes or a no.

edited by Janet Cartlidge


copyright © 2017 Fabrice Schomberg

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