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It's official: Aliya Day to be a national holiday -Thursday Night and Friday, coinciding with the reading of the Torah portion in which Abraham is told to leave his home to go to what is now Israel, the 7th of Heshbon -also the day we start asking for  Rain , the day the flood  of Noah  started and  the Shabbat Project  this Shabbat

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Appreciate Common Pleasures

The world is filled with limitless opportunities for pleasure and enjoyment. What destroys this potential is that we become used to what we already have and take things for granted. We do not derive great joy and limitless pleasure from the natural world -- because we become habituated to its sights and experiences.

Today, try focusing your appreciation on an everyday occurrence you've been taking for granted. Here's one idea: Before eating, say the proper blessing and express gratitude to G-d for the good taste and sustenance of the food.

Look at the sunshine and beautiful weather we have at this time of the year. Not to hot and not cold yet. Soak it in. I just spend time In Tel Aviv yesterday and going again today. Anything different gives you an opportunity to appreciate what you already have and enjoying seeing something different, becuase for some variaty is the spice of life.

Love Yehuda Lave

It's official: Aliya Day to be a national holiday

The Knesset passed in a final reading a law instituting the holiday on the seventh of the Hebrew month Cheshvan.

There's going to be a new holiday on the calendar: Aliya Day.

The Knesset passed in a final reading a law instituting the holiday on the seventh of the Hebrew month of Heshvan, coinciding with the reading of the Torah portion in which Abraham is told to leave his home to go to what is now Israel.

The bill was proposed by MKs Robert Ilatov (Yisrael Beytenu), Avraham Neguise (Likud), Miki Zohar (Likud), Hilik Bar (Zionist Union) and others.

On Aliya Day, schools will teach about the contributions immigrants made to Israel, the cabinet will hold a special meeting and ceremonies will be held by the President's Residence, the IDF and police.

Naguise said "the law is declarative but is very important to ensure the recognition of the importance of aliya and encouraging it, and improving the treatment of new immigrants, so that we recognize every new immigrants brings a significant contribution to the country."

Jay Shultz, founder of TLV Internationals and president of the Am Yisrael Foundation, which helped conceive of the bill, said: "We have tremendous gratitude to the members of Knesset that chose to adopt and champion our young immigrants grassroots community movement celebrating Aliya Day... It is incredibly meaningful that we as young Jews can connect the biblical historical truth of Joshua crossing the Jordan to our modern practical reality.

It is the ideal of aliya and the pioneering contributions of immigrants in each generation that make this the easiest time in history to be a Jew living in the Land of Israel."

Yom HaAliyah / יום העלייה

Yom HaAliyah (Aliyah Day) (Hebrew: יום העליה) is an Israeli national holiday celebrated annually on the seventh of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, to commemorate the historic events which happened on the tenth of the Hebrew month of Nisan (Hebrew: י' ניסן). The holiday was established to acknowledge Aliyah, immigration to the Jewish state, as a core value of the State of Israel, and honor the ongoing contributions of Olim to Israeli society.

Yom HaAliyah begins at sundown on Thu, 26 October 2017.

Read more from amyisraelfoundation.org → or Wikipedia →

List of DatesYom HaAliyah begins on:

ReferencesThe Jewish Holidays: A Guide & Commentary Rabbi Michael Strassfeld "Yom HaAliyah" in Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia Wikimedia Foundation Inc


Welcome to the home of The Shabbat Project. This is where we're getting the world together to experience and celebrate the Shabbat of 27/28 October.Joining in is as simple as 1-2-3. We'll also do everything we can to help you partner with us to bring The Shabbat Project to your friends, community or city


The Shabbos Project World Unity 2017

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Charedi Demonstrations:

Last week there were terrible scenes on the news and social media from Charedi demonstrations, including Israeli female soldiers being attacked and ambulances on emergency call being stopped

Thursday on my email, I will have some stories about the issue. I have too many stories today to cover it.

What's Wrong with christianity?


     Missionaries go out on the streets knocking on doors, looking everywhere, trying to convert anyone they meet to their idolatry. They particularly love to convince Jews of their foolishness and recently have been an increasing problem in Israel. What is wrong with their beliefs? What is so bad about their religion? Well, for one thing…

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Love Yehuda Lave

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