Monday, May 9, 2011

Antarctica and self worth and outside factors and Happy 63rd Birthday for Israel tonight

Self Worth and Outside Factors

Someone lacking clarity as to what is truly important can still feel inferior, based on nonsense that has no bearing on self-worth.

An example is Nebechudnezzer, the powerful eveil monarch with tremendous power, but nevertheless failed to find satisfaction. The Midrash says he constantly felt embarrassed because he was short and fat.

He had a choice of focusing on his power and enjoying it, but instead focused on his physical shortcomings. He thus turned his life into a constant state of misery - when he should have rather ignored these things (which pragmatically made no difference anyway).

As a tool, ask yourself: "How does a certain factor prove that I am less of a person?"

Remember: Lack of skills and talents are practical liabilities, but in no way detract from the essential value of the person if the soul is what counts.This is part of the power in belief in a higher power. If we are all souls, than our physical bodies are just our suit of clothes. And while clothes make the man, our suit does not make the soul. Without a believe in a higher power, all Nebechudnezzer could do was believe his suit was all there was to him. Hence he was an "empty suit".

Love Yehuda

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