Sunday, May 29, 2011

A remarkable video of 28-year Bibi and hear the underlying factors and Mike Huckabee on Israel's betrayal

Hear the Underlying Factors

If you get insulted, ask yourself, "What underlying factors are motivating this person to insult me?" Regardless of the words the person is using, the underlying message is that he is frustrated or discouraged. Try to react towards him in the context of his underlying problems and not his actual words.

In the following remarkable Video of Netanyahu at  age 28, it seems he has been forced to be giving the same speech for 34 years.  Notice that the Arab questioning him tries everything to get him upset by Bibi (using an English name then), answers him with honesty and compassion. The frustration of the Arab is apparent.

Love Yehuda

Subject: Fwd: FW: A remarkable video of 28-year Bibi


-----Please watch and forward.

This is a fantastic video of Bibi when he was a 28 year-old graduate student at MIT (in 1978) debating the status of the
West Bank and the Palestinians. No wonder he was so good last week. If he was that good then, Obama didn't stand a chance today, even with his teleprompter. Well done, lad!

To sum up the problem of the last week Here is Mike Huckabee the Governor who wanted to run for President


Subject: YouTube - Huckabee on Obama's Betrayal of Israel (5.21.11)

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