Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On this Passover the second (shene) here is another Passover song plus make the most of your here and now

Make the Most of Your Here And Now

Some people accomplish a great deal, yet they are unhappy because they keep thinking that "somewhere else" they might be able to accomplish more. They live their lives with the general feeling that whatever they are engaged in at the moment is nothing compared to what they might possibly do.

This feeling is a poison that destroys joy and happiness in life. While you should try to accomplish as much as you can, it is often an illusion that you are missing out by not being "somewhere else.

Love Yehuda

The Bible lists a second day (today) for those that missed the sacrifice day of Passover (30 days ago today). On this day those that missed out would bring their sacrifice.  Today the custom is to eat some matzoh and drink some wine to remember the day...BOTTOMS UP!!!

:Yesterday I sent some biblical jokes...Naturally  some friends sent some extras below:

Where is smoking mentioned in the Bible?
Genesis says that when Rebekah saw Isaac she lit off her camel! (KJV)
Where is tennis mentioned?
Joseph served in Pharaoh's court.

Good thing Noah wasn't Jewish cause he took Ham on the ark!
Where does it say that God condemns gambling?
He took away Adam & Eve's paradice.
Strangest job discription:  ... these eight sons did Milcah bear ....Gen 22:23


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