Sunday, May 1, 2011

State Flowers and the pleasure of forgiving and pictures of the wailing wall

The Pleasure Of Forgiving

When we forgive others, we help ourselves as much as we help those whom we forgive.

We are elevating ourselves and will feel much better when we forgive, than if we would keep on adding more and more resentment.

Try it for a couple of weeks. At night, think about any difficulties you had with others and forgive them.

Notice how it will change your attitude toward those people the next day.

A person who threatens, "I'll remember that," or "I'll get even with you," hurts himself more than he hurts others.

Why suffer from resentment when you can choose the pleasure of forgiving?

Love Yehuda


More pictures from Jerusalem and the number one vortex in the world for energy the wailing wall in Jerusalem






Subject: State Flowers




Did you ever wonder , if you put all 50 state flowers together in a
what it would look like. It's truly beautiful.

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State Flowers


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