Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rabbi-Comedian video and a 3d fly over of Jerusalem and choose a wise self-image

This is an IMAX 3-d preview of a Fly Over over Israel and Jerusalem made for Jews and Christians done with style and Pizazz

Choose A Wise Self-Image

Self-image is how you view yourself. In reality it is easy to view yourself the way others view you. But ultimately it is you who selects which view you will accept. Some people access the view of negative individuals and make it their own. This is not a wise choice. Select the views of those who realize you are created in the Almighty's image, you are a child of the Creator, and the world was created for you. Why settle for anything less? And make certain that the one individual whose opinion makes the most difference in your life views you in this way. That person is yo

Love Yehuda

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