Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pear Harbor on the 70th Anniversary of the Day of Infamy and Did Someone Say Photography Isn't Art?

Give Up Demands For Status

Honor-seeking often motivates people more than any other desire in the world. If a person would give up his demands for status, he would be content as long as his minimum needs for food, clothing, and shelter were met.

A great part of a person's need for money comes from his demand for status. Because he wants the admiration of others, he feels a need for expensive clothing and a fancy home. A person who gives up his demand for approval will be able to clarify for what his actual needs are, and save himself from needless toil and suffering.

Love Yehuda

We commemorate the biggest event in US History that led us to WW!!



May you always have love to share,
Health to spare,
And friends that care


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