Thursday, December 8, 2011

The surrender of Japan on the USS Missouri and Solar eclipse and Magen David- (the Jewish Star)

A Healthy Concern For Students

The saintly Chafetz Chaim (a great sage from the early 1920's) used to direct his yeshiva (bible school) students to eat properly, get enough sleep, and take walks. Only if someone is healthy will he be able to study properly. Occasionally the Chafetz Chaim personally closed the lights in his yeshiva late at night to make sure the students got sufficient rest.

Love Yehuda

Still on the day before Perl Harbor Day, we see the surrender ship for Sep 2, 1945

 See what happened when the moon and the sun met few months ago.......Magen David appeared suddenly bright and clear...Our Rabbis tell us- Solar eclipse- bad sign for the nations... It took exactly seven minutes- the seventh millennium is near, are you prepared?


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