Sunday, December 25, 2011

An Xmas Message of love, Elvis and daughter Lisa Marie singing a "Blue Xmas" and Rise with the challenge

Rise With The Challenge

Someone once asked the Chafetz Chaim (a great sage from early 1900's): "My evil inclination does not give me any rest. What can I do?"

"That is really for your good," replied the Chafetz Chaim. "The purpose of life is to overcome our forbidden impulses. We are frequently in a state of conflict. By controlling negative desires, we elevate ourselves. The more difficult the challenge, the greater the merit."

Love Yehuda





            Subject: Elvis and daughter Lisa Marie



 Look at this video carefully (see attachment)

Elvis died in 1977, his daughter Lisa Marie was born in 1966. She was eleven

when her father died.

With today's technology they united father and daughter in digital editing 

to sing this song together....isn't this great ??

It's difficult to realize that this video is super imposed !!

The reaction of the public when Lisa Marie enters is done really wonderful !!

Congratulations to the makers of this video.

This electronic union between father and daughter is wonderfully done !

He sang this song in 1968 and Lisa Marie in 2008

Long live the new technology age.









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