Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When a photograph is not just a photo and Hawaii's beauty

Viewing the Beauty of G-d's creations


Find The Courage

Each and every day look for an opportunity to do an act of courage. Some days this will be easy to find. You might find that the acts of courage that come your way are more than you bargained for.

Other days, you might have to search for something you can say or do that will be an act of courage. The fact that you are seeking courageous opportunities automatically makes you a more courageous person.

When you are a spiritual seeker (someone attempting to walk in G-d's ways at all times), you don't have to look for ways to have challenges. Like our Father Jacob in the bible, G-d will give you a challenge every day. Usually, like in my case, they come out of left field, unexpected and disconcerting, but clearly signs from G-d. Currently I am working with the challenge of my handicapped daughter, in knowing how much I should protect her from our well meaning government, and how much to let go and let G-d.

Love Yehuda

When a photograph is not just a photograph...













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