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Five ways to Stay in Love Forever and Bambi & Thumper

Material Worries

A person who places his main focus on spiritual growth will not worry about material matters. He wants material goods for their function as tools for his spiritual needs. He therefore feels assured that he will be supplied with whatever he needs to meet his spiritual needs. If he lacks something, he realizes that he does not have a spiritual need for it.
Love Yehuda Lave
5 Ways to Stay In Love Forever
1. CHERISH YOUR WIFE. RESPECT YOUR HUSBAND The core emotional need of a woman is to be cherished. This is the husband's number one responsibility. That means making her feel loved and appreciated, that she's your number one priority. A man's core emotional need is to feel respected by his wife. When he comes home, he wants to feel that there is at least one person in the world who thinks he's got what it takes. That means getting off the phone when he walks in the door.
2. TREAT EACH OTHER LIKE GOOD FRIENDS Under the marriage canopy one of the seven blessings given to the bride and groom is that they should become "beloved friends." The hallmark of friendship is that each person validates and respects the other person's feelings and needs. Validation means: What's important to you is important to me. It's a key way to make your spouse feel loved.
3. REMEMBER THE FOUR GOLDEN WORDS: LISTEN, COMPROMISE, REPAIR, GRATITUDE Agree to keep one basic rule at the beginning of your marriage: No matter how upset you are, never launch a verbal attack. Fighting with insults only makes problems worse and erodes the relationship. Instead, implement the four golden words:
Listening: It's essential for working together and solving problems. Allow your spouse to speak without interruption and then repeat what has just been said. This reassures your spouse that he or she was heard.
Compromise: Strive to solve problems where both of you are happy with the solution. Neither one should feel coerced into accepting the other person's point of view.
Repair: When you hurt each other emotionally, repair the breakdown and remove the lingering feelings of anger and resentment. Aim for 100% reconciliation. A little resentment multiplied 50 times can create a wall of bitterness.
Gratitude: You can never say thank you enough to your spouse. Try to notice everything your spouse does for you and acknowledge it with sincere gratitude.
4. ESTABLISH STRONG BOUNDARIES Your spouse is your number one priority -- not your parents, relatives, friends, children, work, or hobbies. Set strong boundaries that show you value your marriage and don't allow anyone or anything to weaken your relationship.
That means meeting your spouse's needs before your parents' needs, coming home with enough time left in the evening to have quality time together.
5. GIVE EACH OTHER PLEASURE DAILY Marriage is ultimately about making each other feel good and striving to give your spouse pleasure on a daily basis on his or her terms -- whether it's physical affection, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service (like helping out in the house, running errands) or spending quality time. Get in the daily habit of doing it. You'll enjoy giving more than receiving.

Subject: FW: Bambi & Thumper

  This was taken in Alberta , Canada in a back yard...Very cool!
Bambi & Thumper ....really do exist! 


What an incredible photographer
  to have caught these shots...

May you always have
Love to Share,
Health to Spare,
And Friends that Care.


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