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RAAF F-111 Belly Landing

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  A Soft Reply Turns Away Anger

"A soft reply turns away anger." (Proverbs 15:1)

When you communicate to others in a soft manner, this will calm someone who is already angry at you. This refers to both your tone of voice and the content of what you say. Be mentally prepared to apply this to someone who is likely to speak to you in anger.

When the person who is angry has a valid complaint against you, admit that he's right - and this will calm him down.

Love Yehuda Lave

: RAAF F-111 Belly Landing

Real Top Guns RAAF F-111 Belly Landing

If you're into special airplanes even a little, here is a video I'm sure you'll enjoy if you haven't seen it.  These guys do a remarkable job getting their aircraft back on the ground with a minimal amount of damage.  It could have very easily gone the other way.  Also, notice early in the video there is a sequence showing a F-111 dumping fuel with the afterburners on lighting up the night sky.  Something a little unique to the F-111.
The airplane was originally designed to land on a carrier deck so the gear structure is very strong.  Even landing on a long runway you just maintain 10 degrees angle of attack until the runway stops your descent.  Because this is the way the airplane was designed to be landed it felt just fine inside the airplane, but for an observer outside the aircraft it looked like you forgot to flare and really clobbered the landing.  I don't know if metal fatigue was a factor in this accident but they are fortunate the wheel fell off upon liftoff and not while accelerating down the runway in full afterburner.  Using the tail hook to catch the arresting cable was a great idea, as you will see.  Arresting wires on runways are not like the ones on the flight deck of a carrier.  They provide less resistance and let you decelerate over about a 900 ft. range, something you wouldn't have room to do on a carrier.

Real Top Guns F-111 Belly Landing


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