Friday, January 30, 2015

Car Of The Future and constipated goldfish

My daily post is messed up, so this never went on Friday January 30, 2015.. First post I have missed in many years, but I will give the email a day off until Shabbat is over.

Love Yehuda Lave

  Defuse Your Anger Messages
Simply telling yourself, "I should not be angry right now," will usually not calm you. Moreover, if you lose your temper and tell yourself you shouldn't be angry, you are apt to feel excessive anxiety and guilt in addition to the anger.
Rather, try to be aware of what specifically is making you angry. (For example, "It's awful that he is talking to me this way.") Once you give up those anger-causing self-statements, you will feel less anger.
Challenge your self-statements that lead to anger. ("Why is it so awful if he talks to me this way? I might not enjoy it, but I will not take it to heart.")
Once you perceive someone's behavior or words in a positive or even neutral light, you will not be angry. ("He's speaking to me that way because he cares about me and wants me to improve." Or, "He's talking this way because he is personally upset.")
Love Yehuda Lave
The OU Team finishes the day at Rabbi Slifkin's new bible natural history museum and some well earned hard cider and Lemonade at Buster's new place.
Beth Shemesh Museum and hard cidar
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Love Yehuda Lave

Constipated goldfish undergoes £300 life-saving surgery - Daily Telegraph

Within Judaism's laws,,the attention to animals should come prior to oneself ( wherever possible  ). But can you call a fish an animal? 

Anyway,this pet owner showed that he had a wonderful disposition for his pet and did not allow the Goldfish to die and buy another one in its place. 

Aside now: One Meshuganah Caesar kept a fly as a pet. And when it died, he gave it a 'State Funeral' !

Video: A Walk in the Heart of Jewish Paris

A visit to the Marais, the historic Jewish quarter of Paris with Samuel Ghiles-Meilhac, historian and resident of the Marais.

THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW (wrong: Schwarzenegger supposedly has one, a converted Hummer), AND HERE IT IS...!
 A MUST SEE !!! (click below).