Friday, January 16, 2015

The mystic Dead Sea in the winter and my trip to the dead sea

Clarify Before You Judge

Be careful not to become angry if you hear that someone has done something against you, for frequently the actual story is not what you had originally thought it to be.

Learn to react with the following question, "How do I really know that what I heard is true?" People often get angry over incidents that supposedly took place and later found that details had been distorted or left out, and what actually took place was much different from what was originally reported. Also, the context and tone of voice of a given statement can easily be misunderstood. Always be aware of the possibility that what you have heard may not be accurate.

I get to experience this every day, as I hear stories that are told about me that are baseless. I try to remember that each one is a learning experience for me and the person who
is trying to hurt me as well. Giving people room for their own issues is very powerful..

Love Yehuda Lave

My trip to the Dead Sea--part two on Sunday

Dead Sea Video

When everyone is claiming "I AM CHARLIE", I will, we will continue to claim, proudly, I AM JEW!

Jews around the world are living in fear, just because they are Jews!