Sunday, August 10, 2014

Call Before You Dig and Caroline Glick on the two state solution

You can Learn to be Happy

Happiness is a skill that can be learned. The essential factor whether or not you will live a happy life is based less on external factors such as wealth, success and fame, and more on your attitude toward life, toward yourself, toward other people, and toward events and situations. Regardless of your attitudes in the past, you have the ability to change and become a master of happiness.

Today is the best day to improve your skills. Either things will go EXACTLY the way you want -- and then you can focus on the feeling of joy. Or things will NOT go the way you want and you'll have the opportunity to attain greater mastery over your attitude.

Throughout the day, keep asking yourself: "What attitude will enable me to experience joy and empowerment RIGHT NOW

Love Yehuda Lave

 Caroline Glick on the two state solution
--here she talks live for 35 minutes a few weeks ago. She Is Very Powerful

Jerusalem living by Yehuda Lave... A you tube summary of the last few months

Fatah Official Calls for Ethnic Cleansing of Israelis, Jews

Call Before You Dig

This is why there is a law in the US requiring you call for underground utility locations before you do any excavation. 
The pictures below are a result of a farmer using a post hole digger without calling for "locates" and he hit an underground, high-pressure cross country gas pipe.  (Had to be one of those gas powered augers either free standing or on a tractor)

They never did find the guy……….     Took out 2 homes.  








Hope it makes you think before you dig.....