Thursday, May 21, 2015

Connecting to the Farmers and Ranchers of Israel NEAT SAYINGS IN NEAT PICTURES

Connecting to the Farmers and Ranchers  of Israel with Hashomer HaChadash

connecting to the farmers and Ranchers of Israel

Daily Prayer

Daily prayer is an ongoing exercise in serenity. When we pray, we have a greater awareness that we are addressing our Father, our King, Creator and Sustainer of the universe. We connect with the consciousness that 'ain ode milvado', that is, nothing else exists besides Him. Our very lives and welfare are totally a gift from the Almighty.

Ultimate power plant: Device uses energy in SOIL to charge a phone

The E-Kaia portable charger prototype (shown) was developed by students from Andrés Bello National University in Chile. It can also be used to power lamps and other devices with a USB port.

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12 May 2015