Friday, May 8, 2015

Salute To Sir Paul and the Beatles and Dutch Noah Ark full replica and Herzalia on Lag B'Omer

Build Yourself

We all start off as young children who need our characters to be molded. We all have our natural areas of strengths and areas that need fixing. Anyone who lets his character traits go on automatic pilot will have many character failings. To have faults is the normal human condition.

That is why we were put on this earth: to develop and grow. This is the purpose some of our greatest sages (including the Bal Shem Tov) say why we were put onto this earth.  Allow yourself to feel joy with every action you take to develop your character. When you notice that you have a fault, be glad that you recognized it. Whether you find it yourself or whether someone else points it out to you, you can feel a sense of appreciation that you are aware, for now you can correct it.

Love Yehuda Lave

On Lag B'Omer 2015 we take a tour of Herzalia Harbor and I go to the shrine of the Book
OU Herzalia boat Trip and the Shrine of the book

Dutch Noah Ark full Replica

From my Holland friends

Last Monday it was our king's birthday and there was a celebration in the city of Dordrecht, which is a very old city. One of the festivities was a boat show.
It is in Dutch, but you can follow it easily.

Johan Huibers is the man that build the "ark".



Subject: Salute To Sir Paul and the Beatles
This piece with great acts of McCartney songs took place in 2011