Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Improbable Friendships and three stories

Courage to Begin Again

It takes courage to begin again after the collapse of a project, an organization, or a business, or your relationship. One has spent much time and energy and things didn't work out as well as one would have wished. Experiencing this makes one more wary about the future.

The more "failures," the more courage you'll need in order to begin again -- and the greater amount of courage that you gain when you do actually begin again.

Love Yehuda Lave

Ten hotels to visit around the world that are unique:


Speaking of relationships, should a parent have a say in a child's relationship? Woody Allen has some problem with it:




After spending a lot of time alone in the same room of the owner's house,
they grew fond of each other The crow is almost always on the dog's back,
the dog even barks when people try to touch his pal. The owner built a
custom harness for more comfortable rides.

A black swan feeding fish at a public park.

After a devastating forest fire, fire rescue ran out of crates for the animals saved from
the blazes. This fawn and baby bobcat were placed together in the office. Hours later,
firemen noticed they'd taken a liking to one another and cuddled for the duration they
were kept together.

A duck and house cat raised together by a family. Supposedly the duck
hates water and hasn't figured out yet that it can fly.

A wild life park in China adopted two tiger cubs, which were soon adopted
by a worker's dog that happened to be in the pen frequently.

The Fernandez family adopted a tiger cub after he lost his family. He's been
raised with the family dog since youth and they are inseparable. 


A five week old boar plays with Candy, the jack Russell terrier
in Ehringhausen, Germany.

Humphrey was a house pet that became too large and was moved
to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve in South Africa, where he
was safe but lonely. A Cameroon Pygmy Mountain Goat climbed
Humphrey's enclosure fence and befriended him.

Sobe the iguana and Johann the cat were both rescued by a woman in
Brooklyn, NY. Every day when the iguana is let out of her cage, she
seeks out Johann for play time, along with a rabbit also kept as a pet.

A baby hippo was swept away by a tsunami and rescued by a wild life
reservation. A 130 year old tortoise immediately befriended him.

Everyone knows who Koko the gorilla that speaks sign language is.
For her birthday one year, she signed to her teacher that she wanted
a kitten. Koko's teacher wasn't surprised, as Koko's two favorite books
were about cats. They adopted one from an abandoned litter and Koko
showed it tender care and gentleness.

A lioness abandoned by her pack decides to adopt a baby impala after killing
its mother. Several times, she tried to leave the baby in the company of other
impalas, but ended up having to take the baby back under her wing after
the adult impalas were frightened away by her.

A giraffe and ostrich form an odd friendship
at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.

A baby impala was left behind after the rest of its group ran away
from the cheetahs. Instead of preying on the impala, they played
gently with it a bit before simply getting bored and leaving it.

Owls that hatched at a hawk conservatory were adopted
by the park keeper and became friends with his pet dog.


After a family took in this stray cat, she grew fond of their elderly dog.
Realizing the dog was blind, the cat took on the responsibility of leading
the dog to his water, food, shade, and toys. She would follow closely
under his chin to guide him.

A stray cat wandered into this asiatic bear's enclosure at the Berlin Zoo.
It's been coming back frequently for 10 years to visit its friend.

This pair have been seen together for over a year in Lake Van, Turkey.
They were first spotted by local fisherman who witnessed them
sharing a fish and playing together.

At the TIGERS institute in South Carolina, a chimp raises
tiger cubs after they were separated from their mother.


A photographer witnessed a wild polar bear coming upon tethered sled dogs
in the wilderness of Canada's Hudson Bay. Instead of devouring the dogs,
they played and cuddled. The polar bear returned every night that week.

Other examples of strange and improbable animal friendships:









Three stories
These stories are woven with shared mystical threads. All the details are absolutely true.  Translated from Russian by Chaim Zehavi

First Story
At the beginning of WWII, when the truth about the fate of the Jewish people was discovered, and when there were still ways to save them, a few hundred rich Jews bought a ship in order to get their families on board and escape to America. But they needed visas, so they approached the American Ambassador in London.  It was not difficult for him, but he utterly  refused. The Jews, in order to save their families, went without the visas. 
When the Ambassador found out about it, he contacted Washington, advising them that a ship with illegal immigrants is approaching America. The Jews managed to overcome the horrors of war and reach America, but were not permitted into America. These unlucky people were ordered to turn around and return to burning Europe. and all  were  burnt in the camps. 
When the tragedy was revealed, the Rabbi of London came to the American Ambassador and said: "Your deeds do not befit not only your post, but you are not fit to be called 'a human'. And now, since you caused hundreds of people's death, YOU AND ALL YOUR DESCENDANTS generations down from now on will be cursed!" 
The name of the American Ambassador was JOSEPH  KENNEDY.

Second Story
Again, WW II. Lithowenia. The  Japanese Ambassador, who was a compassionate and noble person, disagreed with the Nazi crimes, and was concerned with the future of the European Jewry. He used his status and provided them with visas to Japan. From Japan they immigrated to America. Thus he saved the lives of thousands of Jews. 
When the Germans found out they demanded that the Ambassador will be removed. The Japanese, allies of the Nazis, followed the request. But he still had 2 weeks until his return, and he used these 2 weeks, and worked around the clock, days and nights, and recruited people to help him issue more visas. The lives of many more Jews were saved this way. 
This was a very dangerous act, deserving of admiration. Prior to his leaving a mission of Jews from the Vilna Synagogue came to thank him.   
"What you have done for the Jewish People will never be forgotten, and we will pray to God to bless you and your descendants." 
This wonderful person returned to Japan, and miraculously all his punishment was that he was fired and lost his pension. 
In order to help his family he started a small workshop. His name was  Mitsubishi.

Third Story
In the center of the city of Kiev there's a statue in memory of the all-powerful leader of the Ukraine, Bogdan Khmelnitsky. He is sitting on the back of a beautiful horse, his right hand holding a sword and pointing up, towards the sky. he is the epitome of Ukraine's independence. Khmelnitsky is the pride of the Ukrainians, and all visitors are impressed by the beauty of the statue of the great leader. 
But not many know that Khmelnitsky was a beastly anti-Semite. On his conscience many pogroms against the Jews, burning down of towns and villages, and the blood of many innocent Jews. How many future-geniuses, who could have been great achievers, were lost to the world. His ruthless thugs had no mercy for women or children. These are historical facts. A lot sorrow brought the accursed Khmelnitsky to the land of Ukraine. 
But in one town, the pogrom was especially horrible. Khmelnitsky and his thugs, drunken on Jewish blood, robbed and destroyed all the homes of the Jews. The boys and the girls were taken to the Synagogue and were all burnt without mercy. All that was left of this town was its name, and not one living Jew. But centuries later the punishment came! 
The name of this town is  Chernobyl, and in the exact place that the Synagogue used to be, was the Nuclear Plant #4 of the infamous power plant known in the tragedy that occurred in this town.