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Johnathan Pollard Released😂

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Self Discipline
The Torah tells the story of how Joseph was in prison in Egypt. This is a model of how anyone in any situation can grow. After Joseph was released from prison he became a powerful ruler. That is because in prison he used his mental ability to train himself to master the attribute of total self-discipline. In prison he ruled over himself, and he went on to rule over the Egyptian nation.
Today, think of a difficult situation you are in, and consider how you might use this to develop mastery over self. Jonathan Pollard must have those same feelings today.
Love Yehuda Lave
A little Chanukah humor
Jimmy Kimmel Live
If you look closely the next time you're on Market Street, you may notice that one of these cable cars is not like the others.
Mitzvah Cable Car serves up an "afternoon spiritual espresso" where Jews can come to pray, rejuvenate themselves and connect with the community.
Read about the unique prayer
Jonathan Pollard's first photograph as a free man (with wife Esther).

Interesting Youtube about Pollard
This Shabbas Vayeitze will be the first Shabbos that Yonatan ben Malka, Jonathan Pollard, will experience outside prison in thirty years. For those of us who have been davening for him all these years, please note, an email address has been set up for people to send words of May the HK"B to continue to help, give strength and support, and guidance to Yonatan ben Malka.
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Leadership Or Directionless Maneuvering?

Published:November 11th, 2015
MK Moshe-Feiglin
MK Moshe Feiglin
As long as Netanyahu is prime minister, the legal residency status of Arab terrorists from eastern neighborhoods in Jerusalem will not be nullified. The Left may have nullified their residency status. But the Right? Never.
It is irrelevant to this article if I think nullification of residency is good or bad for the Jews. What is relevant – and sad – is that Israel has a maneuvering prime minister, not a leadership prime minister. A maneuvering prime minister is incapable of making any decision that even smacks of strategy. Nullification of residency is an example of a strategic decision.
A leadership prime minister understands that he is facing a new strategic situation; he understands that war has been declared upon him and that when you are in a war, winning is the only option. A maneuvering prime minister does not understand the new strategic situation. His one and only strategic goal is to get to twelve o'clock at night and go to sleep with the reins of government still in his hands.
When Rabbi Yehudah Glick was nearly murdered by an assassin last year, I anticipated the prime minister's reaction and turned to him in a short speech at a Likud faction meeting. I said that regardless of one's religious or political views, when the debate over the Temple Mount escalates into political assassination, the worthy Zionist reaction of any leadership is for the entire government, headed by the prime minister, to go to the Temple Mount and declare that assassination will not move us from the heart of Jerusalem and Judaism's most holy place.
This is the way that Ma'aleh Hahmisha, Giv'at Hashlosha, and many more towns and villages throughout Israel were built. When Zionism was in its early days, it understood that wherever Arabs murder Jews to try to drive them away, the Nation of Israel must build new homes and communities and make new life flourish.
Tragically, the prime minister did just the opposite: He slammed more limitations on Jews entering the Temple Mount, awarding violence and paving the way for the current outburst of violence.
Now Netanyahu is employing the same method, trying once again to get to twelve o'clock at night. What exactly does his meeting with the Jordanian king, the further empowerment of the Muslim wakf on the Temple Mount, and the further restrictions on Jews project? Does it project zero tolerance for knifings? Or does it reward the murderous phenomenon and encourage it?
This morning I heard the head of the electric company promise to restore electricity (which has been out in many communities for almost two days) to the homes of all its "customers." But a person who has no alternative is not a customer. We are not "customers" of the electric company. We are its captives.
The same is true for both the Right and Left in Israel. We are not customers of the political system. We are its captives. The Left's path has collapsed, the Right's path never existed, and we are all captive "customers" on a dead-end path, led by Netanyahu.
The time has come to emerge from captivity. The time has come for Zehut.
About the Author:Moshe Feiglin is the former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. He is the founder of Manhigut Yehudit and Zo Artzeinu and the author of two books: "Where There Are No Men" and "War of Dreams." Feiglin served in the IDF as an officer in Combat Engineering and is a veteran of the Lebanon War. He lives in Ginot Shomron with his family.

Islamic State understands one thing: Force

Europe, the U.S. and their allies can defeat the terrorists of ISIS. The first step is making the decision to fight back. The next is a strategy that will win. From the Wall Street Journal.

Published: Th

Thursday, November 19, 2015 1:04 PM


The writer is the head of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party and Minister of Economic and Religious Affairs since 2013.. He was formerly Chief of Staff of the office of Prime Minister Netanyahu and General Manager of the Council of Judea and Samaria.
Minister Naftali Bennett
On March 27, 2002, a suicide bomber walked into the Park Hotel in the Israeli city of Netanya and blew up the explosives belt he had strapped around his waist. Thirty people, who moments earlier were sitting down for the Passover Seder, were murdered. A celebratory and civilized scene, like those in Paris last week, had suddenly become a field of carnage.

The Park Hotel attack came at the height of the Second Intifada, a conflict that would ultimately claim the lives of more than 1,000 Israelis. More than 130 people were killed that March, and by then there had already been thousands of terror attacks.

My country, Israel, seemed paralyzed and the national sentiment was that the military would be unable to defeat the terror campaign. The only real way to stop the attacks, many supposed experts said, was by political means.
They were wrong. Two days after the hotel massacre, the Israeli government launched a military operation called Defensive Shield to stop the suicide bombers and retake control of Palestinian cities in the West Bank.

It worked. Within weeks of the operation, the number of attacks and Israeli casualties dropped by more than 80%, and while it took time, we eventually succeeded in bringing suicide attacks down to zero. We proved that terror can be defeated.

[> There is no halfway solution. There is one path to victory and that is taking the fight to the enemy.
In 2002 Israel went on the offensive in the West Bank cities of Nablus, Jenin, Jericho and Tulkarm, going house-to-house and door-to-door to hunt down Palestinian terror suspects. We found and demolished bomb labs, arms caches and terrorist command centers.

I remember the period well. At the time I was in New York running a high-tech company. As an officer in an elite Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commando unit, I got on a plane, flew back to Israel and joined my fellow soldiers as we fought to stop the terror wave that had struck our country.

We succeeded because we understood that when fighting Islamic terror, there is no middle ground. There is no halfway solution. There is one path to victory and that is taking the fight to the enemy.

I know that "boots on the ground" is a scary phrase and that the Western world has gotten used to sterile attacks. But we need to be honest­while these attacks hurt ISIS, they will not destroy it.

To win, the world needs to go on the offensive. There is no other way. What Israel did in 2002 is a model for how terror can be defeated. Soldiers may be put in harm's way, but the number of civilian lives saved will be much higher.

Europe must also share intelligence within and outside the continent. Israel can help on that front. We maintain powerful counterterrorism intelligence tools because we are in the thick of the Middle East turmoil, with borders surrounded by Islamic State, Hamas and Hezbollah.

But you don't have to live next to terrorist lands to be able to defeat the enemy. The West has demonstrated its ability in the past to project power and move troops to distant regions. What Israel showed in 2002 was that when you take the fight to enemy territory, the enemy will have difficulty taking the fight to you.

This is not currently the case with ISIS. Yes, the jihadists face occasional airstrikes and missile bombardments, but they aren't on the run. They don't go to sleep worried that soldiers may burst in during the night and seize them. Their command centers are not really threatened. Only when that happens will the ability of ISIS to direct attacks in Europe or America be hindered.

Like Israel, Europe and the U.S. also face terrorists who lurk in their own cities. Hundreds of young Westerners have inexplicably been drawn to the ISIS death cult; they fight in Syria or Iraq and return home with orders to attack. Europe is especially vulnerable to terrorists who may hide among the refugees pouring across its borders.

To detect these threats, European countries and the U.S. must strengthen their surveillance techniques. Liberty, freedom of speech and human rights are pillars of our democracies, but in Israel we balance them with national-security needs. Privacy is occasionally and under certain circumstances invaded, passports are confiscated and administrative detention is used to lock up terror suspects. We also demolish terrorists' homes to deter future attacks.

These steps can be highly effective. Last week a Palestinian terrorist ambushed an Israeli car, murdering a father and his son. The terrorist's family turned him in on Sunday to prevent their house from being demolished.

Europe can adopt some of these models. French President François Hollande on Monday called for amending France's constitution to allow for more effective and aggressive measures against terrorists. This is an important step. No time can be wasted.

The historic upheaval currently engulfing the Middle East is not going away. The world needs to be determined, to show resolve and not to blink when challenged by adversaries like ISIS. These terrorists understand only one language: force.

Mr. Bennett, Israel's minister of education and diaspora affairs, is a major in the IDF reserve corps.

Bloomberg's Carlson: Maybe Terrorists Here Will Become Americanized and Not Kill Us

Yeah... no. That's not going to happen.

Mark Tapson

view interview....

Newsbusters reports that on today's Morning Joe on MSNBC, Bloomberg columnist Margaret Carlson suggested that potential terrorists sneaking into the West aren't as much of a problem for the United States because we are better than Europe at assimilating immigrants, and therefore terrorists are likely to change their minds and become loyal, productive citizens here rather than shoot up a mall or set off bombs in crowds.

So there's no problem, you see, with welcoming tens of thousands of Syrian refugees because the ISIS members embedded among them aren't actually going to carry out their mission. Why wouldn't they change their minds about killing us? We're so nice!

Below is a partial transcript of the exchange among host Joe Scarborough and guests Carlson and Gov. Bobby Jindal, whose comment about immigration-as-invasion kicked off Carlson's reality-challenged musing:
JINDAL: The reality is, earlier this year I went abroad and I went to Europe and I gave a speech. I came back here and said Europe has a problem. They're not assimilating many of these Muslims, we must not let that happen here. Now the left hated that. The reality is that we've got to continue to tell the truth. Immigration without integration is not immigration. It's an invasion. We must not let that happen here.
SCARBOROUGH: And that really is, Margaret Carlson, that really is a key, the assimilation, the United States has been so successful at because we've had about 230 years of experience at it.
CARLSON: And a lot of immigrants who built the country. So, we do know how to do it. Europe doesn't know how to do it. France especially doesn't know how to do it. England, not very good at it. And so, we have less of a problem. You know, those people who have snuck in, that, I don't know if they've snuck in, but maybe they become Americanized, maybe the anger goes away. Maybe what they snuck in to do they're not going to do because we do have an acceptance of these people as Congressman Ellison said. They're more patriotic because they're here and they work harder.
So because Americans are so nice to and accepting of Muslim immigrants, the terrorists among them are likely to be won over, become American patriots, forget their religious imperative to wage jihad, and abandon their plots to wreak death and devastation. By contrast, those rude waiters in Paris must have made the Muslim terrorists last Friday feel just too darn alienated and unappreciated.

Two words come to mind for Margaret Carlson: Boston bombers.

How do people like Carlson get through the day without hurting themselves?