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Science Spotlight: Top 3 myths about bats - a little late for Halloween but not much

Edit Negative Patterns Into Positive Patterns 

Edit what you say when you speak to yourself. If you find yourself about to say something important in a negative pattern, edit it to a positive pattern.
If someone were about to say to himself, "That was stupid of me," he would be much better off editing this to say, "Be smart" or "Be wise" instead.
Perhaps he really did say or do something stupid. But now that he is aware of this mistake, he would be wise to tell himself how he would prefer to be in the future. Both of these positive self-statements are messages to make smarter and wiser choices and decisions. This is good advice to give to oneself.
If someone were about to say to himself, "There you go again. You are always making these kinds of mistakes," he would be much better off editing this to, "I'm glad that I realize that this was a mistake. I am strongly resolved to speak and act in ways that would be better to speak and act."
Too bad we can't get our leaders to be smart instead of stupid.
Love Yehuda Lave

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Revealed... the 116 things that cause CANCER
Experts at the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer have classified processed meat as being carcinogenic to humans. Here we reveal the other 115 things deemed as dangerous.
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28 October 2015

Germany says Austria is 'out of order' over migrant crisis
'The behaviour of Austria in recent days was out of order,' German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said today, suggesting Austria was helping migrants cross undetected.
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28 October 2015

Dogs playing the piano:

Science Spotlight
Top 3 Myths about Bats
With Halloween quickly approaching, we thought it suitable to dispel some common myths about our winged friends, bats. Take a look at some facts and fiction shared by Drew Stokes (a.k.a. "The Batman"), wildlife biologist with the Department of Birds and Mammals at the San Diego Natural History Museum.
1. All Bats Drink Blood
This myth has most likely been perpetuated by the movie industry where bats are associated with Dracula and vampires in general. In reality, only 1 of the 1,300 species of bats found worldwide drink the blood of mammals. That is the Common Vampire Bat, which can be found in the tropics of Mexico and Central and South America.
2. Bats Intentionally Fly into Your Hair
When exploring confined areas where bats dwell—such as caves, mines, or even inside buildings—they may fly toward you in an attempt to flee and get caught in your hair by mistake. Bats do not have the desire to nest in your hair, however, they are interested in eating the insects that might hover around your body.
3. All Bats Are Rabid
Rabies is a common concern when encountering animals in the wilderness, especially when bats swarm the night sky—but the truth is we now suspect that less than 1 percent of bats are rabid. The main reason the public and scientists alike have come to believe that bats are top candidates for rabies is due to biased test methods that occur when gathering specimens for examination. Most bats that are tested are unhealthy animals that end up found on the ground and are therefore easy to capture. Healthy bats are rarely encountered by people. If a bat is found on the ground, there is a strong chance there is something wrong with it and it should never be handled with bare hands. 

We hope this helps you dismiss some of the misconceptions you may have heard about bats. If you'd like to learn more about Drew, please visit our recent blog post. There's also a cool bat calling exhibit in Coast to Cactus in Southern California you can check out during your next visit to the Museum.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

San Diego Natural History Museum
1788 El Prado, Balboa Park
San Diego, CA 92101


Surviving Gilligan's Island Documentary (2001)

Messed up priorities

The main personality in this week's Torah portion is our forefather Abraham. He is the central character though not the only one. There are others who accompany Abraham on his geographical and philosophical journeys, such as Sarah, his wife; Isaac and Ishmael, his sons; and also Lot, his nephew.

Lot accompanies Abraham from the moment he embarks on his journey toward the Land of Canaan, the land later promised to Abraham which will be called the Land of Israel, or Eretz Yisrael. He also goes south with him to Egypt during the famine, and afterward Lot returns with Abraham to Canaan, where our story reaches a turning point. Tension arises in the relationship between Abraham and Lot, which is expressed in the disputes between their shepherds. Abraham, recognizing that the dispute stems from their different characters, suggests that they part ways, and invites Lot to choose the most fertile place in Canaan during those days – Sodom.

Sodom is more than just a fertile place, though. It is a place whose inhabitants "are very evil and sinful against the Lord." They were so evil that God decided to destroy Sodom and its neighboring cities.

But Lot also lives in Sodom, as the "righteous man of Sodom." Human-looking angels are sent to Lot and are hosted by him, despite Sodom's strict rules which forbid hosting guests of any kind. Lot's offense is not overlooked. The people of Sodom surround his house and demand to lynch the guests. Lest we forget, this is Sodom and their rules are destructive and corrupt.

And here Lot, who up until now functioned as a righteous man in Sodom, makes a strange decision. He suggests to the Sodomite mob surrounding his house to make a switch in lieu of the guests, and the switch he is willing to sacrifice is odd: And he said, "My brethren, please do not do evil.

Behold, now, I have two daughters who have not been intimate with a man. I will bring them out to you, and do to them as you see fit; only to these men do nothing, because they have come under the shadow of my roof."

(Genesis 19:7-8) Notice Lot's strange value system. He daringly protects his guests, and in exchange for their welfare he is prepared to sacrifice his daughters. Gone is the basic and natural paternal instinct to love and protect his offspring, and the guests become more important than these two daughters. How could this be? There is a reason the Torah tells us this story. Lot was educated by Abraham and undoubtedly acquired many positive values, among them, as we read, the value of hospitality even at great personal risk, as he takes by breaking Sodom's rules.

We are accustomed to a simplistic description of man dealing with values on the one hand, and temptation on the other: loyalty versus betrayal; integrity versus wealth-seeking; forgiveness versus the desire for revenge. But Lot was facing a much more complex dilemma. On the one hand, he had the value of hospitality which was surely a positive value. On the other hand, he had the basic humanity of a father's love for his children, which is undoubtedly a most positive value. Here Lot failed. His value system was so upsidedown that he chose to sacrifice his own daughters for his guests.

People often face these sorts of dilemmas. Sometimes a man can help the whole world, but he neglects his own wife and children. A person might travel great distances to contribute to humanity while at the same time he tramples over the people around him. A more familiar example is when people hold the truly important value of respect for animals so dear that they are willing to sacrifice people for the good of the cause.

People like this are good, ideological people, but they fail where Lot failed: with an upside-down value system.

The writer is rabbi of the Western Wall and holy sites

 Pat Condell on 'The Invasion of Europe' | Truth Revolt. FYI - scary!?

Now here is invasion of Tel Aviv:

Watch: Mass terror convoy in Tel Aviv

Arab citizens in coastal suburb of Yafo launch huge car convoy with flags of pro-terror Islamic Movement, praising 'martyrs.'

By Ari Yashar
First Publish: 10/31/2015, 10:05 PM

A video making the rounds online Saturday night shows how Arab citizens of Israel living in Yafo, the mixed Arab and Jewish coastal suburb just south of Tel Aviv, earlier in the day held a massive car convoy waving the flags of a radical pro-terror movement.
In the convoy, which can be seen by clicking the image below, cars, motorbikes and bicycles can be seen bearing green flags, reminiscent of those of Hamas but said to be instead of the radical Islamic Movement in Israel, which the government is working to outlaw due to its open incitement to terror.

The Arab motorists reportedly made calls of praise to the terrorist "martyrs," with pictures of a candidate currently standing in local municipal elections plastering their vehicles.
Facebook users pointed out how the Arab citizens, as they held the convoy in support of a pro-terror movement seeking to topple Israel, drove in expensive Mercedes-Benz cars - all courtesy of the standard of living being provided to them by the Israeli government.
Yafo has turned into a friction point during the terror wave this past month.
On October 6 a massive violent riot took place in Yafo in support of the terror attacks, and during the incident rioters assaulted and wounded five police officers.
Three Arab residents of Yafo were indicted last week for throwing firebombs at police, in an attack inspired by the riot.
Yisrael Beytenu head MK Avigdor Liberman responded to the riot, saying, "the riots this evening in Yafo make it clear to all those who thought that the wave of recent violence does not concern all the citizens of Israel, but 'only' those who live in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, that the Palestinian incitement knows no limits and its consequences reach everywhere, including the center of the country, a few kilometers from the heart of Tel Aviv.