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Over 50? See This and Border Policewoman foils terrorist attack

The Outcome Of Your Actions Are Up To G-d 

Those who trust in G-d constantly have peace of mind.

This does not mean we should sit back and refrain from taking action for our welfare. Rather, it means that even when you do take action, you realize that the ultimate outcome is up to the Almighty. Hence you will have peace of mind regardless of the outcome.

Moreover, while you will take action, you will not panic. You will do what is necessary under the circumstances, but will not act out of anxiety and "desperation."

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Here is a little Kabbalah for you to enjoy.

What Abraham Really Purchased for 400 Shekels.

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Apropos to our last post about the dissemination of the light and the Jewish souls from 1-3-70-600,000 as presented repeatedly in the Torah, a recent comment on the DailyZohar regarding Chayeh Sarah made a wonderful connection between the 600,000 Jewish souls and Abraham's purchase of the cave at Machpelah.

"As per Leviticus 27:16,  the size of a beit-kur,  which is the equivalent of 75,000 square cubits, represents a value of 50 silver shekels. Thus, the size of the field which Abraham purchased for 400 silver shekels was eight kur, or 600,000 square cubits. (Paaneach Raza)

A square cubit is the size of the roof hole at the top of Noah's Ark and the size of the two tablets that the 10 Commandments were engraved in. It's also enough space for a man to stand comfortably in, meaning Abraham purchased a plot of land that provides an individual "space" for each of the 600,000 souls of Israel. When using the Holy Cubit that the Future Holy Temple is designed with, it works out to a plot of land exactly .37 square miles.

Now, it's said by the sages that every Jew has a letter in the Torah and that there are 600,000 letters in the Torah. We've previously shown that there are exactly 600,000 – 408 component letters in the Torah, when each letter is broken down into the component letters that comprise it.  Interestingly, there are a total of 50 component letters, as in the value of one field, with 50 always being a connection to the upper sefira of Binah.

And since the Torah is a hologram of G-d Name, his Unity, the entire Torah is included in every letter of it, we see by the Torah references to a cubit square that if all the hope of humanity (the opening in the ark) and the entire Torah (10 Commandments) can fit in that 1 square cubit space, and that we have a place reserved for ourselves in Israel thanks to Abraham, we each have the hope of the generation and entire Torah within us. And waiting for us.

The question always arises as to why 408, and we can't know for certain. We do know, as the Zohar explains that it has to do with the coded Hebrew word "Zot" of numerical value 408, which refers to the time of the final redemption. We also know that if the missing letters were all Vavs of numerical value 6, then the 408 letters would equal 2448, as in the year the Torah was received at Sinai.

Nevertheless, Abraham purchased the cave/field from the sons of Chet (Hittites), whose numerical value is 408. And he purchased the field of 8 kur for 400 shekels for our 8 illustrious forefathers who would be buried there: Adam, Eve, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rivka, Jacob and Leah. Either way, kabbalistically we can construe that as 400+8 = 408.

Abraham was securing a place for us, where we could all one day join together again as one, and he made sure he'd be waiting there for us.

Let's make sure the Cave of Machpelah and the surrounding 600,000 square cubits (27.5″ x 27.5″) stay in Israel. It's our patrimony and our future.


Border policewoman foils terrorist attack

Corporal A' joined the Border Police after immigrating to Israel from France. On Friday, she prevented a terrorist attack at the Tapuach junction. "I understood that if I hesitated for a second, the fighter beside me won't be alive."

Elisha Ben Kimon

Published: 10.30.15, 22:33 / Israel News

A female Border Police fighter, Corporal A', foiled a terrorist attack on Friday, when she managed to neutralize two terrorists who attempted to stab a fellow border policeman at the Tapuach junction. Head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, said that he had visited the area and spoke to the border policewoman, who said, "I did my part. This is what I came to Israel for – to protect the country."


The two terrorists arrived on a motorcycle at around 12PM. Corp. A' quickly realized that the men had knives and were approaching her partner. A' rapidly cocked her weapon and shot them men. One of them was killed, and the other critically wounded. This was the first incident during the current terror wave where terrorists used a motorcycle in an attack. The two sped towards the Border Police fighters at the Tapuach junction. 



צילום: מועצה אזורית שומרון וחטיבת דובר המשטרה

Corp. A'


"I understood that if I hesitated for a second, the fighter beside me won't be alive anymore," Corp. A' said. She reenacted the incident for Border Police Deputy Commissioner Uzi Levi, who heads the Border Police's Judea and Samaria command, telling him, "We are ready and trained specifically for these events." Her teammate was lightly wounded and treated on the scene.


(Photo: Medabrim Tikshoret)
(Photo: Medabrim Tikshoret)


Levi commended the fighters' response, saying. "You acted calmly, just as you're expected too. The alertness and preparedness shown during attacks have been proven to save lives, and are the main reason these incidents come to an end in a short time and without casualties.


(Photo: Samaria Regional Council security department,)
(Photo: Samaria Regional Council security department,)


Dagan, who came to the scene, added, "A great disaster was prevented here today, due to the resourcefulness of the soldiers and due to the heroic soldier. I call for the state of Israel to learn how to fight terrorism from the IDF soldiers. Bravely, with determination, seeking engagement until victory

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