Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Can you ask your subscribers to look at my email when I send it to them--no one is obligated and it is free

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

A Little Help from you (and G-d of course) is all I need

Today is Wednesday. You will get my regular motivational piece from my other server as I use it on Wednesday's. I do this as to not put all my eggs in one server.

I have found that even if the effort is little, most people don't do anything except if they are extremely motivated.

As you are my friends reading this letter, I am asking for a little help and just forward this letter to all on your mailing list but in addition send it not as a blind cc but as a regular cc to all your contacts including me.

I will then have your contacts email addresses, and I will add them to my list, one by one. Each person who gets my email can easily opt out or change to once a week. My goal is to let them see my newsletter and then they will want to be subscribers. But if you just ask them to join, everyone is too busy. Just send me the cc of the list and I will add them and give each person the option to desubscibe.

I appreciate the opportunity to be in your life.

Your friend


Rabbi Yehuda Lave



Facing Opposition

Frequently, when you spend a lot of time, money, and energy on a worthwhile project, some people will oppose your plans. It is easy to feel discouraged in such situations.

Rabbi Yechezkail Levenstein (Ohr Yechezkail: michtavim, p.53) wrote to someone facing such a challenge, "Don't pay any attention to those opposing your work. Every worthwhile project will face some obstacles and opposition." When you realize that it is normal for people to oppose you when you try to accomplish something, you will find it much easier to tolerate and overcome the difficulty.

Right now I am trying to overcome the diffiuclity of spreading my Torah Motivational piece. Help me as I asked you above to forward this email.


Love Yehuda Lave




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