Sunday, August 14, 2016

How the Holocaust may have damaged your Genes and have a meaningful fast

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Choose to Concentrate

Some people find that as soon as they open a book for serious study, intrusive thoughts creep in which disturb concentration. These may be memories of the past, worries about the future, recent quarrels and arguments.

Therefore, difficulty in concentration does not stem from a lack of thinking ability, but rather as a result of the power of one's imagination. By calmly pushing away those extraneous thoughts, you will be able to achieve greater concentrate on the task at hand.

Today, before you begin a certain task, try verbalizing your intentions. Telling yourself aloud how you want to apply your mind for a certain period of time often works to block out extraneous thoughts.

Use the fast today to focus on accomplishing your goals. I accomplished getting a new place to live for the upcoming year.

Love Yehuda Lave


Court Rejects Pollard Appeal of Parole Terms

I am sure Johnathan Pollard would like to move somewhere where no one knows him and start again, but the court won't let him.

Convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, 62, who was released on parole last November on Thursday lost his appeal to ease his stiff probation conditions. Pollard served out a 30-year sentence, the longest prison term imposed on a spy from a friendly country in US history. Manhattan federal judge Katherine Forrest rejected Pollard's request to ease his release requirement to wear an electronic tracking device and to have his computer be monitored by the authorities.

Pollard's attorneys told the court their client was not a flight risk and that whatever secrets he knew of thirty years ago couldn't possibly have any value to anyone. In addition, they said the arbitrary required for monitoring his computer meant Pollard couldn't get a job with an investment firm.

The judge cited the facts that Pollard received an Israeli citizenship while behind bars meant that he was a flight risk, and a letter from James Clapper, the director of US National Intelligence, stating that the secrets Pollard learned in the 1980s were still secrets today

Oboma's Legacy by Caroline Glick August 5, 2016--Every thinking person must read this.

How the Holocaust Might Have Damaged Your Genes

'I'm gonna kill you Jew' Families terrified as Anti-Semitic hate crime spikes in UK 

Be careful at this wedding?

At a wedding ceremony, the pastor asked if anyone had anything to say
concerning the union of the bride and groom. It was their time to
stand up and talk, or forever hold their peace.
The moment of utter silence was broken by a young beautiful blonde woman
carrying a child. She started walking toward the pastor slowly.
Everything quickly turned to chaos. The bride slapped the groom. The
groom's mother fainted. The groomsmen started giving each other looks
and wondering how best to help save the situation.
The pastor asked the woman, "Can you tell us why you came forward?
What do you have to say?"
The blonde replied, "We can't hear in the back."


Why you should NOT leave your mobile charging overnight: Dominic Littlewood issues warning

NEW: The Jerusalem Love Map

Ahead of the "Jewish Festival of Love", Tu B'Av, the Jerusalem Municipality has launched the Jerusalem Love Map, where you can share your stories of how you got engaged, or your best first date, in the Holy City. Check it out at Cute!


Did Jim Hensen have a crystal Ball?

PARIS: Migrant Gang attacks Passenger Bus with Molotov Cocktail, shouts "Allahu Akbar" as it burns