Monday, August 1, 2016

How to spot a liar: Expert reveals the four tell-tale signs that you're being deceived (and there isn't a polygraph test in sight)

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

True Empathy

When you want to comfort and encourage someone who is brokenhearted and discouraged, do not just act dryly, saying the correct words but without your soul being involved. Do not just mutter platitudes and the standards formulas that people use in these situations.

Rather, comfort them with the completeness of your heart and with your entire soul. Your inner love should be manifest in a sincere smile and manner of speech. Fill your heart with enough love and kindness that these attributes will overflow. Only then will you be successful in alleviating the bitterness and depression.

Next time someone needs comforting, focus on these points and see the difference that it makes.

Love Yehuda Lave

How to spot a liar: Expert reveals the four tell-tale signs that you're being deceived (and there isn't a polygraph test in sight)

The four tell-tale signs that reveal when you're being lied to

Noah Zandan, author of TED-Ed lesson The Language Of Lying, from Austin, Texas, says there are four tell-tale signs to help you spot when somebody is telling you porkie pies.

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New video of Jews in Poland before world War ll

Learn about Foxes


EXCEPTIONAL DOCUMENT This incredible video of the 1939 British Pathé archive footage shows a match between Australia and Palestine (then under British mandate )


You see ... ... ..oui . it is a Star of David on their uniforms .

On the Israel Football Association was originally founded in 1928 as the football federation of Palestine and participated in the World Cup in 1934 and 1938 under the name , Eretz Israel Football Association , was the National Team Jewish.

The fifa guide ( in the most recent statistics from the World Cup ) it is stated explicitly that : The delegations that participated in the qualifying games of 1934 and 1938 are listed under the name hitachduth eretz yisraelit lakadur regel.Une Jewish delegation from Palestine (then under British mandate ) participated in the qualifiers for 1934 and 1938. It was the first Jewish National team.

The VCR Is Officially Dead--so long dear friend

Hezekiah's Tunnel

Hezekiah's tunnel. One of the most astounding archeological discoveries in ancient Jerusalem (David's city), which lies just outside of the walls of what is today known as the "old city of Jerusalem". The commonly known old city was built and expanded by Jewish kings and leaders from the 11th century BCE until the 5th century BCE.

In 701 BCE, realizing that when ready he would need to rebel against the Assyrian rule, the Jewish King Hezekiah, decided to direct the waters of the Gihon spring flowing outside of the walls of Jerusalem, to the west and into the city, so that the city's residents could access water during the siege that that would come. He, naturally, stopped the flow of water outside of the city so that the Assyrians would not have a ready source of water. This is all recorded in one verse in Chronicles II (32:30) "This same Hezekiah also stopped the upper spring of the waters of Gihon, and caused them to flow down on the west side of the city of David. And Hezekiah prospered in all his works."

The work of digging the tunnel throught the sheer rock, in those times, was staggering. The masons carving out the tunnel, centimeter by centimeter, from the two ends of the 533 meter stretch needed to calculate the angles exactly, making sure that the tunnel would gradually descend towards the city at an angle of 0.6 thousandth of a degree, and that they would actually meet in the middle. The engineering and efforts involved in planning and digging the tunnel, which included the fact that only 1 mason could work from each side of the tunnel (the width of the tunnel is between 70-80 centimeters), all point to an almost miracle.
Later in 1880, when an inscription in the tunnel was found by accident by a Jewish schoolboy, the digging of the tunnel could be perceived in all its drama and glory.