Sunday, August 7, 2016

Reports: Palestinian Flags Outnumber American Flags at Democratic National Convention

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Don't Let Hurts Blind You To The Good

If someone has done something to you that you feel angry about, focus on some good quality of that person. He might have helped others or have virtues you can appreciate. The positive aspects of his character could be sufficient for you to erase your feelings of anger toward him.

Say to yourself, "It's enough for me that he has helped me in the past." Or, "It's enough for me that he has this or that virtue."

I had this experience with my Levi friend a morning last week. Suddenly my friend started a fight for no reason. I stood up to him, but remembered all the good things that he has done.

Love Yehuda Lave



Jews are supposed to be smart people

I want all my readers to love my work. I hate to lose a reader because I have chosen one side or another in politics.

I try to share Torah, not politics.  However, I am unblushingly a Zionist. The Torah says to live in Israel not the United States.

Israel however has survived in this rough neighborhood because of the support of the United States.

Obama however, has been not a friend of Israel, even putting us at risk for survival over his 8 years.

Clinton and the Democratic party appear to be more of the same. The other choice is Trump, which people don't know. It doesn't seem to be much choice except to see we have much better choice with Trump than those that sworn to kill us.

See below and the video about Whether Obama has been a friend to Israel or not?


Reports: Palestinian Flags Outnumber American Flags at Democratic National Convention

Palestinian flags were prominently displayed by activists at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) this week, amid an apparent lack of American flags, according to numerous media and social media postings.

Eye-witness accounts and press coverage of the first day of the DNC pointed out the limited presence of Old Glory.

According to Daily Caller reporter Alex Pfeiffer, "It doesn't look like there are any American flags. The stage is bland and grey, with no red, white or blue present. A thorough look at the crowd present also turns up no American flags."

In addition, activists were seen holding up signs reading, "I support Palestinian human rights."

Twitter users credited activist Ali Akin Kurnaz for initially raising the Palestinian flag at the Democratic Party confab. Kurnaz issued several tweets of his own during the first day of the event, criticizing the Democrats for what he claimed to be a pro-Israel stance.



A little boat for a Sunday outing

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You can either drink water like a regular cat, OR you can drink water like you are too fabulous to even care!

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The Next Time Someone Tries to Convince You That Obama is Pro-Israel, Show Them This

NY Cops Stage Traffic Stop So Jewish Guy Can Propose to Girlfriend [video] The Post, in its unique fashion, used the story to rehash the NYPD bribery scandal involving accusations against the Shomrim.

Law enforcement motivation--very graphic and with swear words