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History of Borscht Belt Hotels and Bungalow Colonies in the Catskills

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Success In Life

We constantly need to increase our understanding that all that happens to us in life was orchestrated by the One Who directs all events, situations, and circumstances. We are the actors who perform against the background that has been set up for us.

However, unlike an actor in a major play where the entire script of what will be said and done has been written by someone else, in our lives we have total freewill to choose what we will say and what we will do. It is our choices of words and actions that will make our lives a tremendous success or not.

The criteria for success and failure has nothing to do with how eloquently we speak or how dramatically we carry out our actions. Rather, success is speaking and acting according to the will of the Almighty.

Love Yehuda Lave

Landfall by Erik Johansson

History of Borscht Belt Hotels and Bungalow Colonies in the Catskills

A little Jewish Olympic pride

UN Blames Israel For Lousy Mobile Reception In Hamas Tunnels

UN Blames Israel For Lousy Mobile Reception In Hamas Tunnels "It would have been more humane to enable the doomed people trapped in tunnels to play, for example, Candy Crush."

Hamas terrorists infiltrate Israel through tunnels in order to stage deadly attacks

Khan Yunis, June 19 – United Nations officials issued harsh criticism of Israel today for the sorry state of wireless connectivity and reception in the tunnel Hamas uses to move men and materiel through the Gaza Strip.

UN Human Rights Council President Wai Fai of China, who holds the position on a rotational basis, called the failure of Israel to provide adequate mobile communications technology infrastructure for people moving through Hamas tunnels a violation of Palestinian rights. "We have the misfortune of being witness to yet another way in which Israel tramples the rights of Palestinians in Gaza," said Wai.

Council representatives interviewed hundreds of Hamas operatives and forced child laborers in the tunnels over the last two years since the last round of fighting between Hamas and Israel, and found that conditions in the cramped tunnels have not improved. In many cases, said delegation spokesman Mol Ratt, the lack of wireless infrastructure has cost lives when tunnels collapsed on the fighters inside them and the trapped Hamas personnel were unable to signal for help, and those who were not crushed to death immediately were also rendered unable to play online games to keep occupied as they suffocated.

"It would have been more humane to enable the doomed people trapped in those tunnels to play, for example, Candy Crush," explained Ratt. "But once again, we have gathered extensive evidence of Israel's disregard for the needs of Hamas fighters."

Even more egregiously, said Ratt, Israel collectively punishes all users of Hamas tunnels, not only the fighters who maneuver and train in them and the child laborers the organization forces to dig them. "The lack of adequate mobile communications infrastructure in the tunnels under Gaza also affects smugglers," noted Ratt. "People who want to bring in luxury goods from Egypt instead of Israel, aside from having to brave the antipathy of Egyptian military and government authorities, are consequently deprived of access to their social media and news sources while underground. This so-called 'collateral damage' is thinly and flimsily veiled underneath Israel's ostensible need to protect itself from attack."

The UN panel's criticism of Israel in this regard continues a similar rhetorical line to that adopted by Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who visited Israel in the aftermath of the 2014 war and was guided into one of the neutralized attack tunnels by IDF representatives. At the time, Ban voiced his sympathy for those who spent time in such cramped conditions.

DCLeaks Publishes George Soros' Files Showing Millions Contributed to Anti-Israel Causes

The organizations listed in the one document The Jewish Press Online examined on Sunday received a total of $9,591,801 from the Soros foundations between 2001 and 2015.

Soros' Strategy: "Raise the Cost of the Occupation"
Leaked files show how George Soros is going after Israel through Israeli-Arabs.

Smart Dog drives smart car

a little comedy for For those who don't know what alliteration is, listen to this...

Tisha B'ov 1909 and early other dates from the Kotel