Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The contribution of Jews to Music

Rabbi Yehuda Lave from Jerusalem

Arrogance Blocks Improvement

The Torah ideal is for us to have a positive self-image, while at the same time we must keep a distance from arrogance.

Think of a way that arrogance might prevent you from seeing your faults or mistakes. In order to overcome our faults and shortcomings, we first have to recognize them!
Love Rabbi Yehuda Lave

So many of history's greatest musician you never knew where Jewish

The contribution of Jewish writers, composers and performers to the world of music - "Nobody does it better." This video was shown for the first time at the recent Genesis 2016 awards ceremony in Israel.

Israeli Body Language: A Guide | Masa Israel

Israelis are the masters of body language. With the movement of a hand, the flick of the wrist, or the jutting of a chin they can communicate a whole series of complex emotions without saying a word. Pay attention to those hand gestures because science has proven there is more to body language than meets the eye.
Just a Thought: On Holocaust education - Not Just News - Jerusalem Post
Prayer for the State of Israel

The Magnificent Frederik the Great, Friesian Stallion in one of the most breathtaking videos

Four-year-olds can work iPhone but aren't toilet trained teachers warn

A national report blames parents for neglecting the development of their children because they are obsessed with their smartphones and says a third of school starters not ready for the classroom.

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9 May 2016

Scientists have been using cosmic rays to peer inside the Bent pyramid

Archaeologists looked at the Bent pyramid, 25 miles south of Cairo. The images show the internal chambers of the 4,600-year-old structure, as well as the shape of its second chamber.

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8 May 2016

The toxic truth about vegetable oil

Consultant cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, an advisor for the National Obesity Forum, says cooking vegetable oils raises levels of the potentially harmful compound adelhyde.

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8 May 2016

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