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Elephant giving Birth--very Graphic

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Your Weakness can be Your Strength

The highest level of being slow to anger is when a person's intellect is the master of his emotions. Such a person has his emotions work for him according to the dictates of morality.

A person who has a naturally cold personality or lack of tendency towards anger has not reached the level of the person who has a natural tendency to become angry, but has control over his temper.

Love Yehuda Lave

My letter to the Jeusalem Post on their "non" endorsement of a US PRESIDENT

Your front page pager today, sites practically non-existent sources for an excuse to scream in bold type that "Trump is Unreliable" for Israel and your supposed news story is "Clinton is the best"

Stop the lies. Your paper carries endless attacks on Trump and soft shoes any of Clinton's faults.

Why hide your agenda. It is obvious. Stop the lies and come out with an endorsement and become a newspaper again instead of  fake journalism.

Why read a paper that doesn't give objective reporting and hides their agenda.

Yehuda Lave  Jerusalem Israel

Egged driver takes sick woman to hospital — with bus full of passengers

An Egged driver in Haifa rushes a woman to hospital after she collapses on his bus, taking the rest of the passengers along too.


An Egged driver in Haifa rushes a woman to hospital after she collapses on his bus, taking the rest of the passengers along too.

According to Ynet, the driver realizes that it would take too long for an ambulance to reach the unconscious woman, and so takes matters into his own hands, diverting from his scheduled route to carry out his mission of mercy.

The bus drives straight into the ambulance bay, and medical staff whisk the woman away for tests.


The commandment to come live in Israel (and to settle the land)

Yearning for the Land


 "Beyond Words" is a newly-published seven volume collection of Rabbi Meir Kahane's writings from 1960 – 1990 that originally appeared in The Jewish Press, other serial publications, and his privately-published works.

"Beyond Words" also includes a number of extra features:

Chronology of Rabbi Kahane's life.


"Beyond Words" now can be bought at  On the search line, type…  Beyond Words Kahane.


Beyond Words

Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,


Volume 7


Yearning for the Land

The kilpa, the callus, that slowly and imperceptibly covers the burgeoning adult, immutably desensitizes us and forever loses for us the emotion and value that is the heart and nucleus of the mitzvah cell or ritual.  And so, as if suddenly – but really as part of the slow and ongoing process – there is created a human being, a community, almost a people that elevates the ritual to the heights reserved for the concept, and we become practitioners of Jewish ritual, rather than emotional and living embracers of the concept.


So it is with Tisha B'Av and the three weeks that precede it.  Not a few can emote all the laws and customs emanating from them.  Not an Orthodox Jew will violate the rituals that make up the three weeks and certainly not the nine days.  And yet, as with too many Jewish concepts that were meant to be living, thriving, real things that grip the heart and soul – ha'ikar  chaser min hasefer.  (A Hebrew idiom, literally meaning, "the principle is lacking from the book," referring to the fact that the main concept has been forgotten)


For I put it to all honest people that, of all who practice the rituals of the three weeks and Tisha B'Av, few – all too few – mourn for Jerusalem and the Land.  I put it that most find the three weeks an excruciating thing that prevents them from enjoying the summer; that most look forward to its passing as quickly as possible so that vacation and enjoyment can continue in the Catskills and all the other places that make up the Galut enjoyment; that few, all too few, feel the stab of pain in their heart for the Temple that is not there; for the Moslem jackals who walk and control the Mount; for the lack of holiness and sanctity that Jerusalem and the Temple mean. 


What happens because of this is a shallow and terrible corrosion of Judaism and a slow and terrible corruption of the Jewish soul.  Mitzvot become things to be done with and finished; the soul becomes a hard and callous thing feeling nothing, and, worse, mitzvot become meaningless and fraudulent as we weep for a land we could be living in – if we wish to; as we speak of a return to a land of which we do not wish, as we grab ourselves in emotions we do not feel.


We do not wish to leave America; we do not feel any pain in an "exile" that the ritual has us mouthing as a thing of tragedy and pain.  We enjoy the luxury of Galut and mouth quickly the kinot, the lamentations, most of whose words we do not understand anyhow.  We sit on the floor in the Ninth of Av and look forward to the 10th.  And enjoyment.


That is the death of Judaism, no matter how many synagogues and shtiblech have grown.  This is the destruction of Torah as a real and vibrant "thing," no matter how many yeshivas have sprung up.  For all of them will produce scholars of callous soul unable to feel the pain and joy and honesty of a mitzvah as it was meant when given by G-d at Sinai.

Jewish Indians

The Jewish Indians,,,,,

    There was this family of Schmohawk Indians sitting around the stet


one night. The papa, Geronowitz; the mama, Pocayenta; and the beautiful


young daughter, Minihorwitz. "So, nu," says the daughter, "You'll never



What?" says the mama.


Today, at high noon, I was proposed to in marriage."


"Yes?" says the mama, "so what did you say?"


I said Yes."


"You said Yes?"


"I said Yes."


    "That's wonderful," says the mama. "She said Yes! Did you hear that

Geronowitz, Minihorwitz is getting married!"


    "I heard," says the papa, "I'm kvelling. So who's the lucky boy?"


    "Sittin' Bagel."


    "Sittin' Bagel?" says the mama, "of the SoSiouxMe tribe?"


    "That's the one," says Minihorowitz.

Oy, Geronowitz! The SoSiouxMe's! There are so many of them! How can we


    feed them? How can we get them all in our teepee for the wedding?"


"We'll think of something," says Geronowitz.


    "Geronowitz! Get me a buffalo!" says the mama.


    "What, at this hour?"


    "No, Geronowitz, for the wedding! I can make buffalo tzimmes from the

    meat, and we can make an extra teepee from the hide. Get me a buffalo!"


    So Geronowitz goes out to hunt a buffalo. A day goes by, and a night

    and Geronowitz has not come back. Another day and another night, and

    still no sign of him. Another day and half the night, and Geronowitz

    comes home - Exhausted. Staggering. And empty-handed..


Geronowitz! I've been worried sick. Where have you been? And where's my



    "It's like this," he says. "On my first day out, I hunted high, and I

    hunted low, and I finally found a buffalo. But this buffalo, he made

    Mickey Rooney look strong. It was a tiny, scrawny little buffalo, with

    no meat on his bones for buffalo tzimmes, and barely enough hide for a

    rain hat. So I settled in for the night to try again the next day.



    "The second day, I looked high, and I looked low, from this way and

that way, and I finally found a buffalo. He was a big buffalo, with

    lots of meat, and lots of hide, but I tell you, Pocayenta, this was the

    ugliest buffalo I ever saw in my life. 'This', I thought to myself, 'is

    not the buffalo for MY daughter's wedding. So again, I settled in for

    the night to try again the next day.


    "The third day, I got up early, and I looked high and I looked low,

    from this way and that way, going up hills und down hills, suddenly,

    there it was! A magnificent buffalo. It was a big buffalo. It was, as

    buffalos go, a beautiful buffalo. It was, if I say so myself, the

    perfect buffalo. This, I says to myself, is the buffalo Pocayenta wants

    for Minihorowitz's wedding.


    "So I reach into! my backpack quietly for my tomahawk and, as I tiptoe

    over to the buffalo, I raise my tomahawk slowly over the buffalo's

    neck, when suddenly, like a bolt of lightning from the sky, I see it."


    "See what?" says Pocayenta.


    "I've brought the milchedik tomahawk!

In the Olmpic spirit --a Little John Belushi

Belushi in a longer version

Baby elephants that want to be lap dogs

Baby elephant causes havoc at home - Nature's Miracle Orphans: Series 2 Episode 1 Preview - BBC One

Elephant giving Birth--very Graphic