Friday, September 11, 2009

"Columbia river Gorge-Waterfalls Part One" and Real Intelligence

Real Intelligence

It is easy for a person who feels less intelligent than others to have low self-esteem. 

This is unnecessary. 

While there are many advantages in having intelligence (for Torah study and other pragmatic reasons), when it comes to basic value of a person, intelligence is not a key factor.

 You can be righteous regardless of your intellectual ability. 

Similarly, intelligence is not a decisive factor in whether or not a person will be happy in life. And as they say being lucky is better than being smart. And being happy is the best part of life, and solve most of your problems.

Love Yehuda

The Beauty of Oregon and Waterfalls what a beautiful day--too many pictures so breaking it up into four days.
G-d has blessed me with the ability to do as much in one day as most people do in four.
This applies to work as well, which is why I am such a bargain--I CAN DO AS MUCH IN ONE DAY AS MOST PEOPLE DO IN FOUR IN WORK AS WELL.

Love Yehdua
First of Wateralls on Columbia Gorge