Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gigapan shots of Piolet Butte in Oregon and you create the place

You Create the Place

In 1856, Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Friedman of Sadugura, was arrested because of a libel and was kept in prison. 

"I am permitted to serve the Almighty undisturbed," Rabbi Avraham Yaakov told his visitors, "What difference does it make whether I am here, or anywhere else?" 

His father in law, Rabbi Aharon Perlow of Karlin, who was allowed to stay with him for a while in his cell, asked him, "How do you feel in this awful place?" 

Rabbi Avraham Yaakov replied, "Does the place one is in make a difference? The Almighty's glory fills the earth. He is everywhere. Even here, in this awful place.

Now here is a beautiful place done by friend Mark,  that shows off G-d's beauty rather than an awful place.

Love Yehuda

These are all of Mark's  gigapan shots, click on them to launch the browser that will allow you to zoom and pan.

You can zoom way in and it will eventually become a clear image again, also there are little snap shots below the picture.  Click on them for an automatic effect.