Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy New Year and "On the way to Bend Oregon and Shabbat in Bend"

Although the new Year is here and I am back in San Diego, I continue with pictures from my trip, because I did them , and you might find them interesting.

If not, just focus on the spiritual message I am sending and I hope that it helps make the new year more spiritual for you

Love Yehuda

There on  six constant spiritual commandments  that every Spiritual person is commanded to constantly fulfill. They are:
1. Faith in G-d
2. Not To Believe in Other Gods
3.  G-d's Oneness

In all that you do, you must constantly keep these things on your mind!!!
4. Loving G-d
5. Fearing G-d
6. Do Not Stray After Your Heart 
   and Your Eyes

The museum at Mount Hood, trip down Oregon 26 and 97 and Bend Rabbi

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