Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Power of Patience and "Fishing the Fall River and Bend Oregon"

It turns out that my good friend told me my video of my trip was a repeat, so I send a second message & Video today.

Power of Patience

The Talmud (Airuvin 54b) relates that Rabbi Praida had to repeat each lesson to a certain student four hundred times until the student understood it. 

This is usually cited as an example of the patience needed to be a teacher. 

We can also see the courage and perseverance of the student. 

Most people would give up after twenty or thirty repetitions and say they lack the necessary intelligence to comprehend the subject. This student realized he would eventually understand if he just heard each point enough times.

 When you say you cannot understand something, how many times did you try before you reached your conclusion? We have tremendous ability to understand almost anything if we have the patience to hear the ideas enough times. Pride gets in the way, and so does frustration. But a truth seeker does not worry about what others might think and keeps his mind on the goal. 

One of my good friends said today, that one should not worry about what others think, only go what is the truth. 

Love Yehuda
Fishing the Fall River and Bend Oregon