Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Highest Accesable Waterful in US--Mutnomah Falls-drop of 620 feet" and do it ONce!!

I don't know if I will get internet access on Sunday morning, as I am on vacation.

I am sending out Sunday's e-mail now to be safe. Wait until Sunday to read it.

I am having a good time and hope my spiritual messages and me having a good time, inspires you to live life with Joy and walk in G-d's ways.

Love Yehuda

Do It Once

When fighting against the evil inclination, use the same strategy he uses. When he tries to prevent you from doing good deeds, tell him, 'It's just for this once,' or, 'I'm only going to start doing a little bit,' and similar statements that will enable you to get started. This way of talking to yourself lessens the difficulty of a task. 

Think of a good deed that you would want to do, but don't do because you feel it will be difficult for you to continue doing it. Imagine that you will do it only once. Then take action. 

this was a two hour hike at noon to the top of the water fall--incredibly beautiful. I don't know if I will do it again, but like my message, at LEAST I DID IT ONCE.
Hiking on the Columbia River gorge --hike to top of waterfall

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