Sunday, September 27, 2009

Netanyahu Post UN Address and Antidote to Arrogance

After Bibi's powerful speech yesterday, this is what Bibi said about lighting a candle to dispel darkness and what the now deceased head Chabad Rabbi had told him in 1984.

This is what Bibi had to say after the UN address on Sept. 24th. It is worth listening to.

Some Jews in Israel criticized Bibi for bringing up the Holocaust in 2009. They said we are not the Jews of 1939, therefore don't link us with those Jews. As you can see the world has many ideas and to find a light in the dark is our greatest task!!

Antidote to Arrogance

Arrogance is one of the most negative traits, and it leads to many counterproductive words and actions. 

What's the antidote for arrogance? Awareness of the enormous size of the universe - and our microscopic position in comparison. 

In every Jewish blessing, we say the words "King of the Universe," which is a constant reinforcement to eliminate arrogance.

Love Yehuda