Monday, February 24, 2014

Feeding the Eagles!!! And paper is not dead.

Find The Courage

Each and every day look for an opportunity to do an act of courage. Some days this will be easy to find. You might find that the acts of courage that come your way are more than you bargained for.
Other days, you might have to search for something you can say or do that will be an act of courage. The fact that you are seeking courageous opportunities automatically makes you a more courageous person.
Love Yehuda Lave

Who says paper is dead?

Feeding The Eagles
In January the weather was so cold that the bald eagles were
Cruising over our houses looking for helpless cats to make a
Quick meal.
Some kind souls decided to feed the eagles down at Goose Spit
So they would survive the cold spell.

Here's what happened!  A former teaching colleague took these
Photos in front of his home..  They are incredible!
Comox, B.C., Vancouver Island , Jan. 2009

A beautiful morning feeding the eagles. Jan.2009

Feeding the Eagles Jan.2009

Eagles fighting for the fish. Jan.2009

No zoom!  I was this close!  Jan.2009

Here are the men that were feeding them Jan..2009

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