Sunday, February 16, 2014

Name the Picture and Skater wows the Olympics

Joy at Overcoming Obstacles

A disciple of the Chozeh of Lublin was walking on the road to visit his rabbi. All of a sudden, a heavy rain came pouring down, and the disciple began to sing and dance.
He explained: "When people would walk to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, no inconvenience along the way could deter them - because of their joyous anticipation of being in Jerusalem. Similarly, I greatly anticipate being near our great teacher - and therefore any difficulty simply increases my joy!"

I am in Jerusalem, so I feel the joy every day...

Even in Jerusalem the city of Gold, even with your best performance you don't always win the gold...see the skater below.

Love Yehuda Lave

Jewish Skater wows the Olympics but doesn't win Gold

Subject: Name the Picture

Name the Picture 
These  are pretty clever.

Don't rush.
Study each picture (there are  11 of 'em) and try to determine what it represents before looking at the answer below the picture.

You'll  need to put on your thinking caps...



Doctor  Pepper



pool  table



Tap  dancers 



Card Shark


The  King of Pop



I  Pod 






Knight  mare 



Hole  Milk



Light  Beer


Get  'em all? 

C'mon  be honest! 
Now  pass them on to your smart friends so they can feel as  bright as you. 

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